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7 Facts About The Harley Davidson XG500

7 Facts About The Harley Davidson XG500

Harley Davidson XG500

The fans for Harley Davidson only keep increasing day by day. This case is true in all parts of the world. People who belong to the streets and who hearts lie with the rides will only feel alive and energetic when they are anywhere near a motorcycle. A true rider can never be split away from his motorcycle, especially when the motorcycle is the Harley Davidson XG500. This is because the entire look of the Harley Davidson XG500 actually comes from the street itself. One can see the custom alteration made in the Harley Davidson XG500 which can be witnessed in tearing down a motorcycle to its raw stage.

Harley davidson XG500

The minimal essence found in this motorcycle which also lets the rebellion inherent along the lines of the motorcycle actually screams that it belongs to the streets. A motorcycle enthusiast only needs to know this attitude about the Harley Davidson XG500 and nothing more. No further explanation will be required. The look of the Harley Davidson XG500 will say it all. This one is particularly built to handle the tight turns and to complement with the quick turns. Talking about the chassis of this motorcycle one can see that it is lean and even narrow. This special place is made so as to make the handling much easier.

 Harley davidson XG500

When in comparison with the other motorcycles the seat of this one is low. A complimenting factor for this variant is the suspension. This is because the suspension of this bike can handle even the toughest of the urban roads. The brakes, which come in this motorcycle will belong to the premium category. Combined with a broad handlebar sweep is a narrow front tire, which is specifically designed so as to enable tight turnings and for enhancing faster moves. 

When taking this beast into a crowded street and freeways which are typically jam-packed, there come a bit of hiccup as the demands of these roads vary. The engine of this motorcycle is enhanced and built keeping the urban rider in mind. For handling the peak performance area there is the liquid-cooling option. This will keep the mercury intact no matter how high it goes and it even doesn't matter how long the rider is in gridlock. Talking about the cam there is one single overhead present and there are four valves for each head. The vehicle also comes with a 6-speed transmission where one can witness fine shifting between these gears.

Harley davidson XG500

All this boils down to one and only one factor as there is an instant response for the twist which is given by the throttle when the green light is given. This motorcycle acts as a combination of the urban roads and the street aspect. This can be witnessed by the pros in the industry once the motorcycle is split down to its raw state. Complementing the sporty attitude is the tires, which enable smooth shifting and the handlebars which allow making that quick turn in a free manner. Belonging to the V-Twin muscle, this is apt for urban riding.

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