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All About America’s Christian Biker Clubs

All About America’s Christian Biker Clubs

With the increase in the number of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world, many communities and clubs have popped up over the years in order to support the bikers in various ways. While there are clubs for each motorcycle brand and for each race, there are these bike clubs called Christian Biker Clubs which holds members who are into both Christianity and into motorcycles. People who are on the search for proper motorcycle clubs who respect the old school norms which were established by the one percent of the world and respect Christ & Biblical brotherhood can become part of these clubs.


All About America’s Christian Biker Clubs

In the Christian Biker Clubs, the members get to experience a mix of both Christ and the old school motorcycle club traditions. There are several clubs which under the large community of the Christian Biker Clubs. There is the 3 AM club which is a post-secular and a postmodern club and also a non-profit club which is open to all bikers and riders. Next comes the Army of the Lord Christian Riding Group who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ and abides by the word of God.  This particular biker group consists of believers of Jesus Christ, whose final desire is to know Christ.

There is the Association Recovering Motorcyclists who are also part of the Christian Biker Clubs. They boast of being the largest clean and sober motorcycle association in the entire world. There is also the Biker Cell Church, which is part of the Christian biker ministry who are into teaching the gospel and in helping the poor.  Apart from the above mentioned, there are various other clubs like the Bikers for Christ. They consist of members from all parts of the United States of America and even around the world. They pride themselves with members who are evangelistic, fun, dynamic, exciting and loving to work with.

All About America’s Christian Biker Clubs

Then there are the Bikers for Jesus club which is also part of the Christian Biker Clubs which acts a national biker ministry for the Christian Motorcyclists. They are into sharing the love of Jesus across the globe. Next is the Calvary Riders Motorcycle Ministry, which acts as a ministry of fellowship for the motorcycle enthusiasts. Containing a group of Catholic men and women who are into bringing the love of Jesus and sharing them in the streets along with the imprisoned is the Catholic Cross Bearers M/M.

There is the Christian Motorcyclists Association of Queensland Inc who share the love of Jesus and the love for bikes. They encourage anyone in the surrounding area to take part in their rides. Riders who look for brotherhood and to share the love of motorcycles along with the commitment towards Christ can become part of these clubs. They believe in sharing their prayers and being supportive to the fellow members during tough times.

All About America’s Christian Biker Clubs

There are also clubs like the Christian Sports Bike and Sports Touring Page. They are in the SportBike Community along with the intention to spread the Word of God through prayers being a Christ-centered Ministry.


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