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All You Need To Know About "Bikes Blues and BBQ"

All You Need To Know About "Bikes Blues and BBQ"

Bikes Blues and BBQ is the biggest motorcycle rally charity in the world that benefits children, women, and underserved individuals of the Northwest Arkansas community.  The Bikes Blues and BBQ raised over two million dollars for local charities. The rally charity is proud to say that they provide the family-friendly event along with all community members and they never encourage or accept white supremacy, racism, fascism, bigotry, hate speech, or intolerance. They always love to provide a successful event.

The Bikes Blues and BBQ located in the Ozarks Mountains foothills located in Northwest Arkansas where you can find well maintained and scenic roads.  In 2020, the rally is going to celebrate its twentieth anniversary; Executive Director Tommy Sisemore said that due to aging ridership and waning attendance they have surely tried to develop the rally to allure new ridership. He added that he wouldn’t have taken the offer if he did not believe that the rally was tenable.


All You Need To Know About "Bikes Blues and BBQ"

In 2011, the charity event has a good security record as per the report provided by the Northwest Arkansas Times. The report also says that there are no accidents.  Tommy Sisemore, the Executive Director of BBB says that they don’t play dress-up and he said they don’t expect the Hells Angels in 2018. In the year 2017, the rally organizers disqualified Nazi Merchandise and Confederate Flag from being sold by certified vendors, they check every single day for any offensive or lewd material by an on-call police officer.

The Bikes Blues and BBQ organizers have expected attendance will increase from 200,000 applicants in 2004, 300,000 in the year 2005, and 400,000 participants for a couple of years in late 2000, but dilapidated in the following years.

All You Need To Know About "Bikes Blues and BBQ"

The event is the largest US charity rally, yet there are several questions that need to be addressed for the overall level of this support, in the year 2006 and 2007, the charity event elevated 100,000 dollars, which estimated raise of 0.25 dollars to 0.30 dollars per attendee. In the year 2008, the charitable participations were suspended even with record attendees. In the year 2009, participations totaled 48,500 dollars or around 0.15 dollars, attendee. In the year 2010 press release proclaiming the organization had increased 80,000 dollars from 400,000 attendees declared by the director Nelson Driver  and he said ‘ this is what it is all about.’  In the year 2016, BBB contributed the most funds to date, which is about 230,000 dollars generated from an anticipated 350,000 participants, which is about 65cets per attendee.

From past several years, the rally charity had diverse support from the society with complaints of congestion and noise.  Ironically several local business owners story directly refuses in profits during the event.  The Council of Fayetteville City considered an ordinance that would power debate of the bang of large festivals like BBB (Bikes Blues and BBQ) on local businesses. Even though, the negative impact of Bike Blues and BBQ on most small business owners, there was no public motive has been specified for this rule being listed endlessly.

All You Need To Know About "Bikes Blues and BBQ"

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