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What Is United Bikers Of Maine (UBM)?

What Is United Bikers Of Maine (UBM)?

People who are affiliated with motorcycles and bikes keep increasing day by day. There seems to be a rise in the number of bike enthusiasts, these days as a result of mass advertising and community rides which happen in all countries. This has led to the origination of several organizations and clubs. Many clubs which have a different purpose or even different location have started to come together to support the entire biking community. One such effort can be seen by the United Bikers of Maine. Basically, the United Bikers of Maine which is also known as UBM is a motorcycle rights organization.

What Is United Bikers Of Maine (UBM)

The purpose of the United Bikers of Maine is to have this organization, regardless of which brand of motorcycle the rider prefers to ride or does ride. While many clubs gather for a certain specific type or model of motorcycle, there are few who join only for a certain location or a certain race. Among such clubs is the United Bikers of Maine who has its mission to unite people who share the one common thread which is the love for riding and the love for motorcycles.

United Bikers Of Maine

The United Bikers of Maine do have a major voice regarding the decisions made not only in the part of Maine but also in the Washington D.C. that too in a federal level. The United Bikers of Maine stand to ensure the rights of motorcyclists. They do this by promoting the fair motorcycle legislation and also by fighting off any anti-motorcycle legislation which is proposed. Apart from this group, there is also the Maine Motorcycle Political Action Committee, which is commonly known as (MMPAC) who join hands to fight in support of the motorcycle community. These two seem to be only organizations that share the same goal and fight for this cause.

What Is United Bikers Of Maine (UBM)

One example is where the UBM insists on the right of a rider to wear a helmet. The right according to UBM lies with the rider and it does not advocate that one can ride without a helmet. There is this law in Maine which many are not aware of where the passengers or operators along with the operators with a learner’s permit who are under the age of 18along with the first year operators should wear a helmet. UBM does encourage the riders to follow this law. The UBM contains an administrative board through which the decisions follow. 

There is this Executive board which happens to proceed in the UBM. Along with this is the board of directors. The mentioned Executive Board has one President, One Secretary along with one Treasurer and 16 County Directors. The 16 county Directors are basically to represent all the 16 counties of Maine. The Board of Directors does contain the Executive Board along with the 160 Area Representatives. There are almost 10 Area Representatives from each county in Maine. The meeting between the above said Executive Board and the Board of Directors usually happen on every fourth Wednesday of a month. These meetings seem to happen at the American Legion Hall.

What Is United Bikers Of Maine (UBM)

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