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110cm (43,3 inch) wide x 60cm (23,6 inch) wide
500gr high quality vinyl banner
double layered edges
Metal grommets

Bobberbrothers Motorcycle Garage / Shop Vinyl Banner

A garage not only looks cool, but it will also be complete only with the right garage banner in place. Many garages seem incomplete with the absence of the garage banner. While there are some garages which are filled with the garage banner they are still not perfect for the mere reason that those garage banners are not the ideal ones. Sometimes too many banners just spoil the look of the garage. A good moving garage banner on the market is the highest quality black vinyl banner which comes with the bobberbrothers print.
Choosing from the bobberbrothers motorcycle garage will ensure the customer that the products which are purchased will not only be of high quality but will also be cool. There are the vinyl banners in the store which will perfect your garage and your shop. A blank wall in a garage has just been a soulless garage. So with these vinyl banners, you can say goodbye to the blank and empty walls present. While the banners come in different shapes and sizes according to the customer request this one here is of a little more than 43 inches in width and will come around a little less than 24 inches wide.
These high-quality vinyl banners are of 500 gr and also come with double layered edges. Due to this fact, one need not have to worry about having the banners getting worn out after a period of time as this double layer will give added strength. There are also metal grommets present, which will also enhance the look and feel of the banner. Any garage owner will know that garage banner will add to a lot of color and life to the garage.
It will make the garage a favorite place to not only the garage owner but also for the customer. While there are a variety of designs when it comes to the garage banner here, there are the options to get your own posters with changes made according to your requirement. These banners will help in making a personal statement about the garage and about the garage owner. This will be the pride of the garage. These banners can also be added to the shop or even at the track.
The banners that come in a wide variety are fully hemmed and hence will be easy to wipe clean. In case of a heavy makeover or even after a big race there is the possibility of the banners getting piled up with dust. So there is this option to gently wipe away the dust making sure the banner is all as new. These banners can even be added to your living room if you are the one who is not afraid to bring out your personality in the display. After all, these banners will actually show the pride of the rider who rides his favorite motorcycle.
These banners will make a display of who you are showing people that a combination of all this adds to your success. These banners are easy to set it up too.


bobberbrothers sizing
LENGTH IN CM 69 70 72 73 75
LENGTH IN INCH 27,2 27,6 28,3 28,7 29,5
WIDTH IN CM 43 46 49 51 55
WIDTH IN INCH 16,9 18,1 19,3 20,1 21,7


  M L   XL  XXL


63 68 69 71


24,8 26,8 27,2 28


53 56 61 64


20,9 22,0 24,0 25,2


Bobberbrothers Denim Jacket Sizing Chart
LENGTH IN CM 61,5 62,5 63 67,5 70
LENGTH IN INCH 24,2 24,6 24,8 26,6 27,6
WIDTH IN CM 37,5 39 40,5 44,5 46,5
WIDTH IN INCH 14.8 15.4 16 17.5 18.3


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