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Motorcycle Helmet Stickers - Safety can be so cool

Granted: The motorcycle helmet is not the prettiest item of clothing ever. But it does its job and can get a lot cooler with a few motorcycle helmet stickers. The vinyl stickers from Bobberbrothers allow you to customize your helmet, making it a stylish, unique accessory. And offers you more than just a little security.

With these motorcycle helmet stickers you can identify yourself

Biker slogans, skulls, skeleton hands, such cool logos - a helmet doesn't have to be boring. The motorcycle helmet stickers from Bobberbrothers bring your riding style, your attitude to life and your motto to where everyone can see it. The motorcycle helmet stickers are made of high-quality materials that can also be applied to the curved surface of the helmet. The stickers lie smoothly around the helmet, wrinkle-free and shapely. However, you should clean the helmet before applying it. The surface must be smooth, dry, dust-free and grease-free. Place the sticker with the middle on the surface of the helmet, if you have removed it from the carrier paper. Then gently brush with a soft, lint-free cloth from the inside outwards so that the air between the sticker and the helmet surface is blown out.


Stickers and helmet must match

Some manufacturers warn against attaching stickers to the motorcycle helmet. Depending on how the helmet is constructed and what materials it is made of, the sticker can make the material hard and porous. In the case of an accident, the helmet would simply break apart and fall apart instead of protecting your head. For those interested in chemistry: The plastics used in motorcycle helmets sometimes contain plasticizers to make the polymers elastic. In this way, the impact of an accident is cushioned. Over time, the solvents in the adhesive surfaces of some stickers release the plasticizers from the plastic. There are motorcycle helmet stickers that do not contain solvents. 
If you are unsure if your motorcycle helmet sticker is compatible, just write an email to the manufacturer. Composite helmets are usually coated with a layer of paint, so stickers are no problem.

Stickers and decals: How do motorcycle helmet decals work?

Most of us have known decals and decorative stickers since our childhood. After all, the so-called sticker albums were popular again and again, then as now. The functional principle behind a sticker is actually very simple: while one side of the decorative sticker is made of plastic, the other side has an adhesive surface. All our motorcycle helmet stickers can only be affixed once. If they are then removed again, they lose their adhesive power. Our motorcycle helmet decals can theoretically adhere to all dirt-free and dry surfaces, such as:

Carbon Fiber

Stickers, on the other hand, hold less well on dirty or other very smooth surfaces.

Order stickers: Where can I buy motorcycle decals?

Different custom designs, different materials, countless colours and never-ending possibilities of use - these are the characteristics that characterise the bobberbrothers stickers. Use them to individualize your motorcycle, decorate your toolbox, or stick them as a statement and decoration on your garage wall - when you buy stickers, you will certainly come up with numerous other possibilities for which you can use the much loved stickers. In our shop for stickers and bobber merch you will find a gigantic selection from which you can order at the best shipping and delivery conditions.

Our decals give your helmet a new look in the twinkling of an eye.

The high quality of bobberbrothers merch is not only reflected in the generous product range, but also in the specific properties of the adhesive decals and foil stickers. For example, the decals and sticker packs are ideal for smooth surfaces. True to the motto built not bought, they are particularly quick and easy to apply, so that the entire customization of your helmet can be done in the shortest possible time. With the large motive and color selection in our shop you have the possibility to make your helmet an absolute unique piece. Give your helmet a personal touch with the decals.