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Skull T Shirts: The transience of life on the chest

Skull shirts never go out of fashion, because the timeless motif is so timeless simply because it reflects the transience of everything like hardly any other symbol. Of course, the motives are also a bit provocative, because a skull can also have a frightening effect, especially if with it, the engine of a loud bobber sounds together through the streets.

Free of unnecessary conformity: Skull Shirts as symbol

T-Shirts with printed skeleton motifs or skulls are also so popular because they work outside of conformity. Such an imprint is conspicuous, corners with very conservative persons and attracts quite the views - you should be used to that with your custom bike anyway! The Bobberbrothers T-shirts are based on innovative and creative designs, which also express tradition and promise a high degree of comfort. This is ensured by the straight cuts, which leave you enough room for movement and still look very masculine.

You can always wear the matching skull shirts anyway, because the combination of black shirt and white print is absolutely timeless, can be combined very easily and fits perfectly with shorts, jeans or under the leather jacket. So you can be sure of a successful style with little effort, which at the same time embodies your lifestyle and is especially popular among motorcyclists. Depending on the version of the skull shirts, for example, a smaller print on the front side at the height of the chest awaits you, while many shirts still work with large prints on the back side, in which the Bobberbrothers label has also been incorporated into the print.

So your T-shirt will stand out among of the biker scene as much as it does outside. Skull shirts are the perfect choice for those who don't want to be told what to wear and when!