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What does 1 Percenter Biker really mean ?

What does 1 Percenter Biker really mean ?

There are few motorcycle clubs which fall in the outlaw category. This term ‘1 percenter biker’ belongs to the bikers who fall into the said motorcycle clubs. Some famous 1 percenter biker clubs are the ones like Hells Angels Motorcycle clubs, Bandidos Motorcycle club, Outlaw Motorcycle club, Pagans Motorcycle club etc. The 99% bikers among the 100% are considered and generally fall under the law abiding citizens’ category. Only the remaining 1 percent biker falls under the outlaw category.

1 percenter biker


This mentioned term 1 percent biker was initially coined by the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) during a response to the Hollister Riot in Hollister, California in the year 1947. While the response was that 99% percent of the motorcycle riders are lawful, the clubs went ahead and mentioned that they were the remaining 1%. By the latter half of the 1940’s the popularity and growth of the outlaw motorcycle clubs started increasing. One primary reason for this is because of the end of the World War 2 at that moment.

Since the war just got over there were several ex-servicemen who returned from war to their home and realized that the same rush in the war was absent elsewhere. The normal life did not satisfy them and hence the former was compensated with the start of these clubs. Fortunately for them at the same time, there were a number of ex-military Harley Davidson motorcycles which were not required anymore. Combining these two there was suddenly a combination of a rush for these men and the solution for boredom was found.

The earlier lacked excitement was brought back, in addition, a new brotherhood was found. As a result, the 1 percent biker clubs started growing worldwide. The well-known clubs and the popular ones even started to break down into smaller units in the form of ‘chapters' and ‘charters' which was formed in various cities. The surprising fact is that these clubs are actually legal entities with even the possibility to purchase a supporter gear. The well-known clubs are as follows.

  • Bandidos Motorcycle Club - This club was founded in Texas in the year 1966
  • Pagan’s Motorcycle club - This club was founded in Maryland in the year 1959
  • Hells Angels Motorcycle Club - This club was founded in California in the year 1948. This one was famous for its presence in the book by Hunter S Thompson and is known for the likes of Oakland Chapter which was founded by Ralph ‘Sonny’ Barger.
  • Outlaws Motorcycle Club – Being one of the largest 1 percent clubs this one was founded in Illinois in the year 1935.
  • Zulus Motorcycle Club - This club was founded the year 1969 for most black people.
  • Mongols Motorcycle Club - This club was founded in California in the year 1969
  • Warlock Motorcycle club - This club was founded in Florida in the year 1967

While the crimes committed by 1 percent club members are relevant it is still hyped in the media. Some violent crimes which are occurring are highlighted with increased airtime. 

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