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16 greatest Custom Motorcycle Helmets

16 greatest Custom Motorcycle Helmets

A helmet is one of the first safety gear one buys after purchasing a motorcycle. It is the only mandatory safety requirement for the motorcyclist in most countries as stated by traffic law. There are many types of helmets to choose from. However, a person may choose to customise this or her helmet to their specific needs, wants or liking. There are a couple of factors to consider while choosing to purchase your personalized motorcycle helmets such as the purpose of your motorcycle, that is; do you ride it for fun, exercise or a racer. Other factors to take into consideration include the pricing of your intended customised helmet and the features you want. Here are some of the greatest motorcycle helmets:

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmets Glossy

1. Helmade Helmets.

These are top class helmets that any motorcycle rider would want to wear on any top tier track or off roads. They are suitable for any purpose whether as a professional motorcycle racer or just for amusement. The company also offers a chance for one to customise their helmet on their website by allowing one to choose their signatures, colours and even visor.  Their helmets are a piece of art and as such one has to dig deeper into their pockets to afford these helmets.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmets Yamaha

2. Ninja Turtle Helmet by Freshcoat Custom Paint.

Freshcoat Custom Paint produces these helmets. They are fully approved and tested for use and are just HJC CS-R3 helmets with a fantastic paint job on top.  This does not reduce their quality or standards but actually, make them even awesome.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet Blue

 3. Power Rangers by Custom Helmet 2014.

These Customized helmets are produced and themed according to the heroes in the movie “Power Rangers”.  There are five original helmets to choose from which are very cool but the quality of the vouched for as the manufacturer is not known.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet Silver Red

4. The Skinner by CarnageFX

This helmet has a crazy look like one in a horror movie. It, however, DOT approved and will protect the rider in case of an accident, that is if they are crazy enough to wear it.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet Blue Red

5. Veldt Design – The Helmet Configurator

These are more official helmets in regards to others, and the manufacturing company gives you a chance to customise and configure your helmet according to your needs.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet Silver Blue Flakes

6. Unexpected Custom Versailles Helmet

This Italian helmet will cost much more than most others, but if you are looking a sleek one of a kind helmet, then this should be your choice.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet Arthur Fulmer AF40 Silver Flakes

7. The Lego Custom Approach.

This is suited for people who want something unique but do not have to spend too much money. It gives you a cool look and leaves people in awe.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet Gold

8. The Stormtrooper by Mistralnesia.

These helmets are themed on the Star Wars brand. They are DOT Certified and personally handcrafted with LED lights next to the eyes making them way cooler.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet white

9. “Old Moe” Skull Custom

This customized helmet is not a full face helmet thus it does not offer full protection to the head. However, it is still DOT certified and affordable and quite surprisingly cool regardless of its name.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet yellow

10. The Batman by Mistralnesia

This helmet is produced by Mistralnesia and is themed on the DC comics’ superhero “Batman”.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet AF40

11. Shark Raw with custom paint job

This is a crossbreed helmet with mask and full goggles that protect the rider from wind and noise that cause distractions.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet green porsche design

12. Bell Rogue motorcycle helmet

This is a full faced helmet with an additional mask.  It is open in the eye area; thus one can customise it by choosing their favourite riding glasses.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet white

13. Scorpion Covert Ratnik helmet

This custom helmet has some unique designs with a removable front face shield. It is also made quite customised by side collars.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet with goggles

14. Spiderman helmet

It is an all-black helmet themed on the Marvel superhero ‘’Spiderman’’. This will give you the courage to try new stunts.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet blue

15. Shark Raw with drift camera

This is the shark raw helmet customised by adding an action camera to capture all the stunts as they happen.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet with windshield

16. Realistic full skulls by Deviltail customs

This is a full skeleton face style helmet which might not be everyone’s choice. Only a few brave ones can rock this helmet, but it is sure to leave heads rolling.

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Helmet red yellow


It is no secret that customised helmets are one of a kind and always certain to give the rider a great feeling. One only has to choose what pleases their eyes and go for it.

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