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6 Facts About Billy Lane Choppers

6 Facts About Billy Lane Choppers

William David Lane is the owner of Choppers Inc, he was born in 6th February 1970 in Miami, Florida He is accustom motorcycles builder in America and owner of Choppers located in Melbourne Florida. He is known for his imprisonment for a drunk-driving that caused the death of another biker in 2006 in Florida and conviction in 2009. 

6 Facts About Billy Lane Choppers

Billy Lane became very popular because of his appearances on the show Biker Build-off on Discovery Channel.  Also, Lane wrote two books, one is his autobiography called “Billy Lane’s Chop Fiction:” It is not a Motorcycle Baby, It is a Chopper, published in 2004, in Motorbooks International. The other book he wrote was “Billy Lane’s How to Build Bobbers, Old school Choppers, and Customs.” It was published in 2005 in Motorbooks International. He also got an Associate’s Degree from the University of Florida and also a degree in Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering from the FIU (Florida International University) graduated in 1997.

Drunk-driving fatal crash in September 2006:

On 5th September 2006, he was promoting 2006 Dodge Ram on Route A1A in Florida, and in another earlier incident happened in North Carolina, his driving license was canceled. He crossed a double yellow line to overtake two cars, and hit another driver head-on the 1983 Yamaha bike that was riding by a 56-year-old Gerald Morelock, he was a park ranger at SISP (Sebastian Inlet State Park) who was riding the opposite lane. Gerald Morelock suffered from a range of injuries and he died on the spot.

6 Facts About Billy Lane Choppers

Billy Lane turned himself on September 21st in link with the deadly crash, facing charges, including manslaughter and driving under the influence, which was more than twice the legal limit of Florida. The family of Gerald Morelock filed a lawsuit against Chrysler and Lane.  However, Billy Lane entered a not guilty plea the day he was legally charged with the second-degree crime.

In 2009, on August 4th Lane was captivated on the basis of vehicular murder and he was sentenced to six years in prison, and three years of supervised probation and he lost his driver’s license for life.  To get the maximum sentence for Lane, the prosecuting attorney mentioned speeding violations and a poor driving pattern on the driving record of Lane. A Judge had prior approved a plea where investigators dropped the charges of manslaughter and felony DUI. Earlier to the plea deal, Billy Lane was facing around 30-years in prison. He was imprisoned at the APWC1 (Avon Park Work Camp(1)) with a probable release date of 10-20-2014, said the Florida Department of Corrections website on 2-24-1013. Lane was at the OTC (Orlando Transition Center) (male facility) and he was released on 09-18-2014.

6 Facts About Billy Lane Choppers

Earlier, in June 2006, Billy Lane had been arrested by the NCHP (North Carolina Highway Patrol) and he was charged with drunk-driving.  At that time, he refused to take a breathalyzer test and left the place, and the investigators couldn’t submit the evidence in the court, and since the Lane was found not guilty. But, his license was revoked in North Carolina; also he was not allowed to drive in Florida during the fatal crash.


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