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6 Infos About The Honda VLX Bobber

6 Infos About The Honda VLX Bobber

Honda manufactured VLX version of the Shadow between 1988 and 2008. It is also known as VT600c.  The Honda VLX was a grand opening cruiser that has enough power to make the rider feel comfortable riding on a highway.  The Shadow VLX is considered as one of the best cruisers available that give the smooth riding experience.

If you are cruiser fan, then you should know why you should consider buying VLX. Here you can find some of the best features of VLX that can help you choose the cruiser for your needs.

6 Infos About The Honda VLX Bobber

Engine and Transmission:

The Honda VLX is powered by V-twin 583cc engine, which is considered as the right size of engine that allows the learners to learn to ride the bike without doing burnouts or wheelies on accident. The Honda developed this bike greatly inspired by Harley Davidson engines, certainly to the semi-single pin crank. The VLX is a great sounding motorcycle that puts out a forceful exhaust note without causing overly loud.

The exciting thing about this VLX is it comes with a four-speed transmission.  However,  the Shadow is different from other bikes it does not have five or six gears, so you have to push little harder if you want to go higher than 65mph, but the most fascinating thing is that the can handle anything.  The only drawback that you may feel is not having higher gear, especially when you want to ride 65mph.

6 Infos About The Honda VLX Bobber

The VLX Shadow was discontinued after 2008, and it was replaced by a Shadow RS that comes with a bigger engine at 750cc. Tough, the company advertises that the new model is a beginner bike, but you should be careful while riding as it comes with extra power. But, if you want to have a good learning experience, then it is advisable to get VLX Shadow, which will be available at a less price.

If you want to upgrade your Honda Rebel 250cc, then consider buying Shadow VLX as it is considered as an ideal bike for those individuals who want to upgrade their bike as the Rebel 250cc is a bit small bike. The VLX is better than both the 650cc bike and 250cc bike, and the best thing is that it is inexpensive and lasts for a longer time.  The Shadow VLX can last many years; people who have the tendency to sell the bike after using it for a year or so will also do not like to sell VLX because it gives them the best riding experience in their riding period.

6 Infos About The Honda VLX Bobber

Great for Short Riders: The VLX weighs 439lbs, which is considered not the lightest bike, but, in many cases, the weight will help in subtle ways like it gives stability when you are riding on the freeway. The seat height is also short with 27.2 inches, which is considered as the best height for shorter riders.

The short seat of VLX will also allow the short riders to flatfoot the bike to manage the weight. If you are shorter than 5foot 6inches, then VLX is the right option otherwise it may look a bit awkward riding a sports bike without modifications. But, you won’t feel awkward riding Honda Shadow VLX. 


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