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7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T

7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T

The motorcycle giant is known for its recurring editions in the bike world with each one competing against the other in style and performance. Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T is one other variant launched by the company. When additions like a detachable windshield, a 4.5-gallon fuel tank along with saddlebags to a Sportster will give us a Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T. This one gives the perfect balance between the interstate rider and the in-town hopper. It has been more than a period of ten years since the big brand has given away the hard-mount engine which is full of high vibrations.

7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T

The Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T comes with an Evolution engine which is rubber-mounted. This factor enables the motorcycle to give a smooth and better ride in term of comfort even during long drives in the saddle. Unlike the peanut tank which comes in the Sportster model, the Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T has a teardrop fuel belly along with the combination of a quick release windshield. This allows the rider to roam around the town freely as well jump into the highways unplanned and take that long stretch of road.

There has been a lot of debate going on regarding the seat height on the laden. While the documentation in Harley it is specified as 25.5 inches there are some who say it is 26.1 inches. It was, however, ruled out as trying to find the exact height became a nightmare. The best part about the Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T is the self0cancelling turn signals. Though it is a minimal feature when compared to the other jaw breaking ones, this one still counts. While bike, snow has started coming up with this option, there are still plenty of motorcycles out there which lack in this option.

7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T

Since this motorcycle is not a big touring model, this addition definitely seems to make the list. Just like the Sporties, the twin downtubes join to give a double-cradle which helps in supporting the transmission assembly. The old hard-mount engines are nowhere to be seen these days. Now it is the time for an engine that has frame floats on rubber mounts. This seems to absorb most of the vibration produced. The motorcycle comes with a ground clearance of 4.2 inches and steering head angle of 31.1 degrees. This leaves with 1200 T along with 5.9 inches of rake. All these factors combined give the option for making a good corner and perfect stability.

7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T

Since there is only an option of 26 degrees of lean towards the left and 25 degrees lean towards the right, the corners won’t be hard and the rider will not hit it bad. Though it doesn’t seem to be a big factor, it does add some weight to a cruiser. Since there is an electronic fuel injection placed, it provides a mileage of 48 mpg. The closed-loop exhaust system helps in keeping it all intact with the emission factors. The engine seems to be a bit undersquare which comes with a 3.8 11-inch stroke and with a 3.5-inch bore.

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