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7 Important Infos About The Honda Nighthawk Bobber

7 Important Infos About The Honda Nighthawk Bobber

Honda Nighthawk was sold in the United States only for a year, but, in 1984 it was sold in Canada, and probably other years it was sold as CB550SC-E.  The Engineers from Honda were unable to decide whether the Nighthawk was considered to be a cruiser or a sportbike, so they decided to include both attributes in one single machine.

The Honda Nighthawk comes in two colors, including Black and Presto Red. It has a rectangular headlight and got A4 into 2 exhaust system.  It is one of the best CB550 bobber model created in 1983, it is a unique bike that was manufactured only for a year. The bike is designed with a four DOHC cylinder with a six-speed gearbox and great power.  Once the end product was out; the makers had a tough time to decide whether they want it as a cruiser or a sports bike, so unable to decide they considered it as both versions. This decision made the riders happy as they don’t have to give up power to enjoy a cruiser.

7 Important Infos About The Honda Nighthawk Bobber

The Honda Nighthawk maintains 64 horsepower, but during the testing, the motorcycle actually claimed 7 horsepower at 9500rmp, which was stock.  This Nighthawk bobber bike now weighs less than the originally made; the makers reduced it to two-thirds of what it originally weighs with a bit more power. Also, they made some modifications like removing pipes and air box and adding UNI pod filter.

The custom manufacturing parts of Honda CB550 Nighthawk Bobber include:

  • Drag-style handlebars
  • Grenade lever suicide shifter, which works perfectly
  • Pan seat
  • Hardtail rear-frame
  • Lowered around eight inches
  • Headlight on & off switch
  • The entire motorcycle has been rewired and for the most parts the wires have been inserted
  • Ammo box  BH (Battery Holder)
  • Brake Controls and Forward footrests
  • New TC (Throttle Cables) from Motion Pro
  • 4-2 Exhaust System
  • Shorty kickstand
  • Master Cylinder and Honda Goldwing clutch lever for smooth operation
  • LED rear turn signal and brake lights

7 Important Infos About The Honda Nighthawk Bobber

In general, this bobber looks great and offers excellent riding experience.  Most people are fascinated about the new changes made by the makers, especially the ammo can battery box and the hand grenade suicide shifter.

When it comes to rating the Nighthawk bobber, for safety it was rated as 3.9 out of 5. Riding on a motorcycle means complete excitement, freedom, and an escape for many individuals from their routine lifestyle.

But, it is also very important to maintain your bike and never leave your pathway unprepared. You must always keep your bike in good shape by doing some basic protection and maintenance. Make sure to replace the damaged spark plugs and clutch-kit for quick response ride. Always use fresh oil and other lubricants for your motorcycle engine and get them from the most trusted manufacturers. Also, make sure to have a good set of tools.  Before riding your Nighthawk bobber on a freeway, make sure to check the tires for proper tire pressure and wear. Also, make sure to keep your bike’s wheel bearing in good condition for a smooth and safe ride.

7 Important Infos About The Honda Nighthawk Bobber


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