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7 Infos About The 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback

7 Infos About The 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback

If you are planning to personalize your touring bike, then Harley Davidson FLD Dyna Switchback is the top choice. The 2012 HD Switchback contains removable hard saddlebags and easily detachable windshield. You can easily remove and personalize your street cruiser the way you want it in just a matter of time.

The fact is, once you see the 2012 HD Switchback, you will instantly get a positive impression. The things that most appeal to you will be the five-spoke rims that will take the individual back to their favorite 1967 Mustang Fastback of Steve McQueen. But, when it comes to Harley Davidson Switchback, everyone gets only one question in their mind that is why the company chooses to design a small Road King? The windshield, bags, and headlight all are built on a smaller size.

7 Infos About The 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback

The Switchback can be turned into a complete custom street cruiser from a hardline tourer with a luminous headlight nacelle, a mini-ape handlebar, five-spoke cast-aluminum. If you want to take a tour on weekend, then just replace the windshield and saddlebags, and your switchback will be ready to offer a thrilling ride that you cannot expect from any other bikes.

The best thing about the 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback is that it is a luminous custom touring cruiser in its dislocation category that makes it a true resourceful cruiser with a lot of views. The styling includes a clean and classic proportion, simple lines. It contains a mini-ape pull-back riser and handlebar that joins with complete rider footboards and two-up touring seat comes with a custom-stitched feature with a 26.1-inch seat height that provides a comfortable ride. 

7 Infos About The 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback

Also, this custom street cruiser has the powertrain and it comes with a powerful and muscular Twin Cam V-Twin 1,690cc engine that offers strong performance on the street and on the highway.  The A2 Chrome exhaust with direct-cut muffler provides a deep exhaust quality whereas the higher suspension has been adjusted for precise and comfortable handling.  The front fork with 41.3mm and 20mm cartridge delivers improved damping performance, ride comfort, and handling.

The 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback looks amazingly beautiful when you remove the windshield. It exposes the most stunning designed headlights and it makes the viewers stare at its beauty while riding. However, the windshield is an important component as it protects you while driving but, your cruiser simply looks fabulous when you remove the windshield.

7 Infos About The 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback

The other special things that Switchback includes are the hard saddlebags that are durable and made with ABS plastic. However, these saddlebags can be removed easily and they made the system very simple. You just need to unlock the knob and slide the bags from their guides, also, to install them back just place the saddlebags into their guides, and crank the knob to lock.

Another feature of the 2012 Harley Davidson is handling the weight factor. The switchback weighs around 725lbs with the ABS optional, and significantly lighter than the famous Road King as it weighs 810 pounds (wet weight).


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