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All About Chicago's Biker Gangs

All About Chicago Biker Gangs

The Chicago Biker Gangs was started by the Big Pete James of the infamous biker gang, he talks about the misunderstanding about the groups among many people and why he loves to ride IL -173.

Pete James mentioned in his blog that he even from his childhood he loved playing risky games with his family.  When he was just 12-years old, he valued the strategy included in powerful armies and taking a province from his enemies. One day, his father asked him while playing a game, what he wants to become when he grew up. James replied to his father that he wanted to become a ‘Boss’. Now, he provides his words true by becoming a regional vice president of Chicago’s outlaw motorcycle club.

All About Chicago's Biker Gangs

As he mentioned to take risks earlier, in a similar way the ‘Big Four’ bike clubs have competed for the province in the entire United States for the past fifty years. In 1935, the outlaws are founded and they are considered as the oldest that was established on the outskirts of Chicago and placed in the GL (Great Lakes) region. The largest biker gang is nothing but the Hell’s Angels that has chapters in around fifty countries. The Pagans maintain most of the eastern coastline, and the Bandidos has influence in the South, mainly in Texas. All these four gangs are considered OMG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs) by the FBI, and they are under the prosecution of Federal RICO Act.

Peter James has left the Outlaws, but in his new book ‘The Last Chicago Boss’ with Kerrie Droban a co-writer at St. Martin’s Press, reflects on his time in the most infamous motorcycle club in Chicago. If you are looking to expose on the inside workings of an OCS (Organized Crime Syndicate) you will have to bond with creative writing like Sons of Anarchy. However, the story of James is, however, an exciting look at life in a close, sometimes, violent Chicago motorcycle club.

All About Chicago's Biker Gangs

He recently spoke about bike culture and the major impact of motorcycle gangs on Television, ad he also spoke about his favorite local rides.

What do most people misinterpret about motorcycle clubs?

James said that not every motorcycle club or who joins the club is a criminal.  These members follow a certain type of life an ‘outlaw’ viewpoint. He said that he looks at the system as suggestions, and most of these rules are good, but he says if it does not pertain to him the, he doesn’t even bother to follow it. 

He also mentioned that there are criminals; he doesn’t want to deny the fact. Also, he said there is documentation, but, the time has changed so as the views, He added, same with the mob and the Chicago Outfit.

When he was asked about the criminal accusations against the Outlaws in the earlier and asked if he was worried about the law results of writing this book, he said this question was asked in many interviews. He said the question seems to be simple, but, in fact, it is not. There is so much to talk about and he said, it takes more than half an hour to talk about the reality of Outlaws.

All About Chicago's Biker Gangs

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