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All About Orange County Choppers New York

All About Orange County Choppers New York

OCC (Orange Country Choppers) is a lifestyle brand company and bike manufacturer located in Orange Country, New York, based in the town of Newburgh. The company was established in 1999 by Paul Teutul Sr., and then it featured on a reality TV show called American Chopper in September 2002 debuted on the Discovery Channel. The American Chopper series moved to the TLC in 2007, which is a sister channel of Discovery Channel.  The company was also featured on OCC (Orange County Choppers) on the CMT network after canceling the series with Discovery in 2013. OCC returned to Discovery channel on 2018 March 1st for a premiere screening of their reset of American Chopper.  The complete series started on May 28, 2018.

All About Orange County Choppers New York

OCC Returns to the Discovery Channel:

The OCC returns to Discovery Channel after 5 years. The channel is featuring the popular reality show American Chopper about building an iconic motorcycle. The legendary warfare between the father and son team of Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. is back again on the bike-building craftsmen show.

In the new series, both the father and son embarked their top bike brands and confidently, rebuild some kind of bond with top celebrities. Also, relationship with Forbes 100 Businesses as clients, world-famous athletes, millions of brand and dollars, status are on the line with every signature make.

An update on the show from Discovery: According to the report, the Teutuls enduring on a wild ride and it definitely not ending soon. Paul Teutul Sr. has restored OCC (Orange County Choppers), making it into a complex with café, shop, restaurant, bowling alley, and certainly the showroom. But, you should know that all these came with a hefty price tag and Paul Sr. surely feeling the overburden and the lack of visitors. In the meantime, Paul Jr. also felt the throb of a bumpy financial crisis with his business by building solely on big dollar custom motorcycle and he is having a tough time to get the commissions. He also worried about the long-standing stability of his own shop. He designs his builds particularly now that he has to maintain his own family.

All About Orange County Choppers New York

Group President of Discovery, Rich Ross said that American Chopper was one the most favorite series on the Discovery Channel. Every individual is waiting to see what this family is doing next. He said to the fans that in this spring you will all find out what they are up to.

The first American Chopper was featured as an exception in 2002 and the show ran for ten years, airing around two hundred and twenty-three episodes. After that, the show was canceled in 2010, but the channel restarted the episodes of the America Chopper senior vs. junior show for another couple of years.

American Chopper the most popular show on the discovery channel averaged 3.4 million viewers at one point-of-time it was at its peak. The program also helped to initiate the ‘docusoap’ reality variety making a way for programs like The Real Housewives of Orange Country and Keeping Up with Kardashians, and also inspired a flow gear head reality shows.

All About Orange County Choppers New York 

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