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All About The Detroit Biker Gangs

All About The Detroit Biker Gangs

The Detroit city has an affluent and famous tradition of rebel biker gangs. Generally, dreaded clubs like “The Highwaymen,” “The Avengers,” “The Outlaws,” and “The Highwaymen” have the motor city home to their individual national headquarters. These biker headquarters are in and around the area of Southeast Michigan and rumbling center of Midwest biker culture.

According to Bill Randal a former FBI agent, these biker gangs are defiantly an unusual brand of criminal. He also said that this type of individuals that live on the outreaches of the society and grab grave dislike for anyone but themselves. Also, he says that, even in the criminal division, they are considered as a kind of out, because they are doing their own thing, betrayed in the truest sense.

All About The Detroit Biker Gangs

In the 1913 newspaper, document entertaining motorcycle activity in Metro Detroit.  The illegal element in the national and local landscape did not actually start to emerge at a large scale until the year 1960s and 1970s. As per the sociologists, the large part was disillusion as tens and thousands of individuals were Vietnam War vets. When the biker gang from all over the country were altering into the completely function crime firms. The Illinois based outlaws hosted the world’s first post-WW II road rally and events that can become the foundation of any United State bikers club social calendar at soldiers’ field in 1946.

The Detroit region has become home to different gangs who have dreaded reputations organized by men who are considered as a one of a kind leaders prone to the line of supreme criminal improvement.  The president of the Avenger Wright‘s Michigan chapter found in Pontiac was detained for stealing a bunch of the United States.  FS (Forestry Service) plans and utilizing them to transport drugs between Medillen and Detroit, Colombia.


When Wright escaped from town after murdering in Ohio, finally he was caught and sent him to prison in the year 1997. After Wright, “The Big Foot Tommy” Thomas Khalil has become not just the boss of the Detroit Gang but also became the national president of the club. During his period, he supervised a wicked street war between the made-up chapters of the Midwest in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and West Virginia, and enemy gangs the Forbidden Wheels and Iron Coffins.

All About The Detroit Biker Gangs

As per the court documents, Khalil advised the members in the club to go out and kill Iron Coffins members as many as possible and he told them to take the patch off from their ‘cuts’. The gang used to display sleeveless leather or denim jackets that show off the emblem color of the gang in a sewn-on patch. In a speech, he gave his associates in November 1998 that the government got on the tape due to a concealed recording device. The Big Foot Tommy said that he is surprised that nobody has got their first coffin patch, and he said he will go himself and get the patch for himself.

The Detroit Chapter of the Forbidden Wheels President Paul “Rocky” was convicted of the murder of Donna Bartels and Glenda Collins in 1983, two female members of the gang and he was sentenced to life in prison.


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