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All Important Infos About Sportster Chain Conversion

All Important Infos About Sportster Chain Conversion

Now, you can moat the belt and go with usual rear drive chain set up. There are many companies where you can find kits, but ordering the individual parts will save a lot of money and also it allows you to modify your chain pitch and gear ratio to your preferences.

It is always best to use 520 pitch chains instead of the standard 530, but, of course, it is your choice which one you want to choose. But, many individuals prefer the lighter 520 set-ups, and the rear/front sprocket teeth will depend on each individual’s choice. If you ride in traffic a lot and don’t go a lot on a freeway, then you can choose geared acceleration, but not a low freeway RPM’s.

All Important Infos About Sportster Chain Conversion

You can save a lot of money by ordering the chain from J&P, 21t Sprocket, and MCSuperstore on eBay. Now, you can get all even more for less cash and you will also need:

  • Chain Breaker/Riveter
  • Red & Blue Loctite
  • Jack
  • mechanics hand tools
  • Torque Wrench
  • Factory Service Manual
  • 1-7/8" Transmission Nut Socket

Lift the front wheel up of your bike and place it against on a fixed object or a wall.  This is required when you are removing the nut from the main-shaft. Now, remove the sprocket cover and remove the lock ring. With a wrench remove the big nut from the large socket, if you cannot remove it with a wrench, and then use a breaker bar.

Lift the bike and remove the rear wheel, you can find the easy lift gear that can help you lift the bike effortlessly. Also, taking care of this equipment is much easier than maintaining the clunky m/c jack.

All Important Infos About Sportster Chain Conversion

Remove wheels and axle, and also remove the pulley, and after removing the wheels take off the old belt as well. Remove it by cutting the belt, but if you don’t want to waste those part, then put the right shock off and straightaway pull the belt.

Place original sprocket on the bike wheel and then loctite it up. The new sprocket weighs less than a pound so it is easy to loctite up. The things that you need for the next step includes the oil seal, new spacer, quad-ring seal, which looks like an o-ring, Sprocket and the Nut.

Now, you should know how to remove oil seal out. Take a wood screwdriver, and gently screwed in on the tip, make sure to have enough room to pull out the old seal without mining at it with a screwdriver or pick.

All Important Infos About Sportster Chain Conversion

Before the spacer and on the main shaft, you should put the Quad ring seal. Now, grease up all the edges of oil rings and wheel bearings so that it will easily slide in quickly. Now, trap the circumferences with a soft rubber mallet.  Put the sprocket on and put your chain on.  Take out the breaker and line it up. Before you do anything, just adjust the axle so it will assemble as forward as possible. Then edge it all to check how much requires so that you can remove later if required.


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