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All you need to know about Biker Slang

All you need to know about Biker Slang 

Currently, many women are riding bikes, and many are getting inspired to ride a bike. That is why it is important for women to know the biker slang so that they can easily communicate with other bikers or with dude bikers.

Before using this dictionary, you should know that you shouldn’t overuse the biker slang and motorcyclist terminology in an attempt to fit in. The biker slang is mostly used when the bikers are around and when they need to converse with other bikers.  This kind of incomprehensible slang words can cause a disruption when you use it in every sentence. Use this biker slang dictionary as a useful guide to converse easily when other bikers are around.

The bikers slang:

  • One percenter/Ninety-nine percenter: It refers to the bikers status level as one of the ninety-nine percent of motorcyclists considered to be obedient cycle aficionados, and one percent are considered as outlaws and rebels.


  • One-piece/two-piece: This means protective biker equipment coming in one or two pieces, correspondingly.


  • Two-Second Rule: This refers that the bikers should count 2sec length between them and the front vehicle, which is similar as in a car.

All you need to know about Biker Slang  

  • Airhead: This means Air-cooled BMW bikes


  • ABS: It means the Anti-lock brake system


  • BATF: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives


  • Apex: This means tightest curve point


  • Biker Friendly: Some organizations hold bigotry against the prohibit feeling of the lifestyle of the biker. However, biker friendly organizations don’t.


  • Bark-o-Lounger: It means the larger and comfortable bikes

 All you need to know about Biker Slang

  • Bottom Out: It means a deferment method just cannot travel any longer distance


  • Backyard: An area that biker rides frequently


  • Bagger: A bike prepared with saddlebags, generally referring to a big motorcycle with full touring gear and hard-side bags


  • Baffle: A sound sedating wall in a muffler


  • Bandana: A piece of cloth used for just about everything


  • Bead: The border of a tire that touches the wheel


  • Beehive: It means a beehive style tail light.


  • Cage: Trucks, cars, and vans these are sometimes called cages


  • CMA: The full form of CMA is Christian Motorcycle Association


All you need to know about Biker Slang

  • Club: It is also known as MC (Motorcycle Club). The Gang is usually signified inaccurate whether it is one percent or 99% club


  • Church: Club meeting and it is not a religious church


  • DOHC – Dual overhead cams


  • Donor: The used parts of the bike


  • Dirt Bike: It is of course not a smaller dirt bike; it could be any normal bike that is not street-legal.


  • Dumping the Bike: It means bike not works when it is not powered, so it is not a crash


  • Earned vs. Bought: You can earn some patches through your club, and others are bought. If you come under a 99 percent at a congregation of bikes, and if someone asks you bought, then it will get you into less trouble than claiming that you earned the patches.


All you need to know about Biker Slang

  • Fairing: The front end bodywork of the bike, planned to stop road debris and also rain and wind.


These are some of the biker slang that bikers use among themselves.


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