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All You Need To Know About The Harley Davidson Wounded Warrior Project

All You Need To Know About The Harley Davidson Wounded Warrior Project

Harley Davidson Wounded Warrior supporting the Heroes of the Nation. The company partners with WWP (Wounded Warrior Project) to reform the lives of servicemen & women who are suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). HD partnership with WWP offers wounded veterans the chance to experience the advantages of the open road.

The activities like motorcycle riding activity are known to offer positive healing benefits for a post-traumatic stress disorder. One in every three servicemen in the troop is diagnosed with PTSD symptoms and  around 40 percent look for help.

All You Need To Know About The Harley Davidson Wounded Warrior

The Chief Operating Officer and the President at Harley Davidson Matt Levatich said that they are proud to say that from past 100-years Harley-Davidson is supporting the servicemen and women who have been defending for the freedom and the country.   He also said, their partnership with WWP builds on that heritage by supporting these worriers in their expedition for freedom, independence, and freedom.

The company is proud to support and have a partnership with WWP (Wounded Warrior Project) and to introduce the OPFC (Operation Personal Freedom Collection).  This freedom collection helps create support and awareness of the WWP and it helps to empower and honor wounded warriors. When the individual buys their HD WWP collection, the company will donate ten percent of the recommended retail price back to the WWP.  This way you can show your appreciation to the brave men & women who serve our country.

All You Need To Know About The Harley Davidson Wounded Warrior

In affiliation with HD-WWP t-shirts is part of the OPFC (Operation Personal Freedom Collection). The WWP collection generates alertness and support of the WWP and the many ways they recognize the service of the wounded veterans when you buy the Harley-Davidson WWSS (Wounded Warrior Stars & Stripes) T-Shirt, on the retail price, the company will donate 10 percent to the WWP.

Harley Davidson Partners with WWP surprises veterans with 2015 Bikes. The company made a special delivery to new 2015 model bikes to six military Veterans of the United States.  This surprise enlivened a new partnership between the Wounded Warrior Project and Harley Davidson to help enhance the lives of veterans suffering from PTSD.

All You Need To Know About The Harley Davidson Wounded Warrior

Bill Davidson, the great-grandson of William A. Davidson who is the co-founder of the company, rode the bikes along with other six HD employees who are the ex-servicemen, guided by police motorcade rode to WWP headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.  The riders gifted the bikes to the wounded warriors. During a press conference, they planned to declare the partnership.

The six servicemen who are diagnosed with PTSD symptoms were hand-picked to received the bikes, though they are experienced riders they do not have access or unable to afford a bike due to various difficulties. The veterans are joined with WWP. John Roberts said that it is very significant to have the support of companies like Harley Davidson that knows the enduring needs of veterans and are prepared to work with them to help warriors and help them lead their lives normally.  He is an EVP of WR (Warrior Relations) at WWP. He also added that they know that the recreational activities for veterans such as riding motorcycle can provide several therapeutic benefits especially for those veterans suffering from PTSD.



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