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All You Need To Know About The Unknown Bikers MC

All You Need To Know About The Unknown Bikers MC

Unknown Bikers MC was founded in 1974 in Brooklyn, New York and it is an outlaw motorcycle club. Also, there is another club in Verona, Italy by the name of Unknown Bikers MC. The emblem of the club contains a patch that has two dogs on each side of flames and bike chain. However, the Italian Unknown Bikers are not connected to this New York based motorcycle club.

History of Unknown Bikers Motorcycle Club:

The bikers club was established in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY in the year 1974. The chapter in Williamsburg is the Mother Chapter, and the logo trade name of the Unknown Bikers implies that the initial use was in 1974, June 1st.  The founding date of the Unknown Biker and the location is same as the Dirty Ones Motorcycle Club.

On several occasions, the club got good publicity, and also, the club got a positive influence in the region of Williamsburg and surrounding areas where the Mother Chapter was placed. Before the club located in that area, the area was known for drug sales, the drug dealers use to sell drugs on the street, and this problem was nullified after the club moved to this area. 

All You Need To Know About The Unknown Bikers MC

Till late 1990, most members of the bikers club were of Spanish or Italian descent. The first polish members started joining the club in 1999.  The Brooklyn Chapter Greenpoint was established in 2010 and Daniel Sadowski was the president of the chapter.  Within the chapter, Polish bikers have a strong influence.  Also, one of the club’s official website is available for Polish people. Some Unknown Bikers New York Based club members started wearing a patch with Poland flag.

Around 2003, the bikers club expanded to Puerto Rico and the new Chapter was established in the town of San German, and another chapter was also started in 2015 in the Ponce town. The club extended to Poland in the year 2012. Also, in Iceland, you can find the presence of the Unknown Bikers MC.

Unknown Bikers Motorcycle Motto/Club Patch / Colors:

The patch of the Unknown Bikers is fixating on a skull wearing a 3-horned red-Celtic helmet. An iron cross is placed behind the skull, and this iron cross is also known as a Maltese Cross.

The colors used by the Unknown Bikers are red, white and black.

The colors that are used by the Unknown Bikers MC are Black, White, and Red. Unknown Bikers MC patch logo contains the chapters of the club, with several chapters based in New York, the bikers club has been expanding over the years and now, it has several international chapters that include:

  • Unknown Bikers MC Poland
  • Unknown Bikers Club Iceland
  • Unknown Bikers Club Ponce Chapter
  • Unknown Bikers MC Puerto Rico
  • Unknown Bikers Motorcycle Club Williamsburg, NY
  • Unknown Bikers San German Chapter
  • Unknown Bikers Club USA
  • Former clubhouses, UB MC in Williamsburg, NY so on and so forth.


All You Need To Know About The Unknown Bikers MC

Unknown Bikers MC Crime:

In the year 2016, June 24th, Hells Angels Motorcycle Club members apparently acquired several cuts from the Unknown Bikers members.


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