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American Chopper Paul Sr

OCC's Paul Teutel Sr – American Chopper 

Orange County Choppers is a manufacturer who is into customizing motorcycles based on user demands. The shop was also the center of attraction in the reality television show American Chopper. This show was a major hit among the biking community. Paul John Teutul or commonly known as American chopper Paul Sr was the founder of the shop Orange County Choppers. For this very same reason, he became famous through the American Chopper reality show.

american chopper paul sr

On the show, American Chopper Paul Sr initially came into view along with his sons, Paul Teutul Jr and Michael Teutul. After a long run and a massive success from the show, American Chopper Paul Sr went on with his own new show called Orange County Choppers by the year 2013 which was telecasted in CMT. Paul Sr belongs to New York as he was born in the area of Yonkers but was although raised in the Pearl River part of New York.

Teutul before entering the motorcycle business was initially part of the army. Though Teutul was not part of the sector of the United States Army, which participated in the Vietnam War, he claimed to be one among the members of the United States Merchant Marines at the time of the war. Apart from this information, the details regarding the kind of shipboard department, he was in or the time period he served in the marines is still not very clear.

american chopper paul senior

The interest and the entry to the motorcycle world happened to Paul Sr during the start of the shop Orange County Ironworks. This shop, which basically started as a fabrication shop was initially handled by Teutul’s son Daniel. Daniel also owned the shop during that time. The involvement in building and customizing motorcycles came later. Initially, the rebuilding of custom bikes started as a hobby after getting inspiration from the number of custom bikes which were appearing on the streets as well as the films.

After working in this shop for a while, Teutul left the shop around the year 1999 to start his own shop in the name of Orange County Choppers. Teutul’s son Paul Jr. was hired for the shop where the customizing and building of bikes for commercial purpose was started. Apart from the mentioned sons, Paul Teutul Jr and Dan Teutul, Paul Sr. has two more children too. They are Michael Teutul and Christin Teutul. American Chopper Paul Sr. was commonly seen arguing with his sons, which also became part of the said reality show. After a number of heated arguments which took place in the shop and was also telecasted Paul Jr. was fired from the shop around the period of April 2009. This led Paul Jr. to start his own design business in the name of Paul Jr. Designs 

Paul Sr. is also famous for his numerous numbers of tattoos on his body. These tattoos were got at various time periods throughout his life whenever he felt the need to express his feelings or to state a point. The reality show also had tattoo sessions in its episodes.



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