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Bean Blossom BikerFest 2018

Bean Blossom Biker Fest 2018


For all those bike fans out there, there is this awesome biker fest, which is happening in South Indiana. While many biker-meets keep happening all around the globe this meet which is called the "Bean Blossom Bikerfest" is termed by many as the best old-school biker party. Happening for the 16th time in 2018, this Fest has all the attractions that a biker looks for.  The biker meet is during the month of September spread around a 5 day period.

Bean Blossom Biker Fest

With the option of collecting the tickets at the gate itself, the bean blossom biker Fest 2018 sure made it convenient for the participants out there. While having fun was the main theme of the Fest, security and safety had its sure part too. To make sure everything is conducted within the said rules and regulations, the bean blossom biker Fest 2018 only allowed people who are above the age of 21 as the fun is limited only for adults. The tickets were priced over various categories ranging from $30 to $60 which included the admission to the event too.

Bean Blossom Bikerfest 2k18

The bikers' who just could not stay away from their motorcycles and wanted to sleep in with the tents carried around on the bike are allowed to set up the camp too. The primitive camping along with the bike was integrated with the admission price. The parking facilities varied from the arrival in a car or truck and with other options like a trailer and motorized contraptions.  The added options had a variety of lists from golf carts to mini bikes, side-by-sides, and 4 wheelers.

The babe for the Bean Blossom Biker Fest 2018 was the popular Hailey Bone. For the benefit of the bikers, Hailey was present on the Fest grounds to meet up with the bikers and even to sign posters for them. For bikers who do not want to carry their tent around and will opt for a peaceful stay, an option was provided to stay at the Host Hotel. Along with this, the availability of full-service hotel inbuilt with a pool and lounge plus a restaurant was an added advantage as this was within a 7-mile premise from the Bean Blossom Bikerfest.

Bean Blossom Bikerfest

Many interested parties came in support for the Fest. Some of them who showed their support in the form of sponsorship were Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson of Bloomington, Rider Insurance, Port Hole Inn, Ridge Runners Juke Joint, Miller Lite, Mann's Haley Davidson, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, and Lucas Oil Motorcycle Products.

The Fest itself was a get together for old teammates and played as a forum to initiate new friendships along the road. The roads were surely an unspoiled formula for those who wanted to get a taste of the country roads. With the switchback roads and the beautiful creeks along the way,
The road to the Fest was like discovering the unseen treasures. The countryside roads also act as a gift of nature as it engulfs the rider and draws one into it apart from giving the smoothest ride with the best atmosphere.

You can get all important informations for the entrance and tickets here:


Bean Blossom Bikerfest 2018

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