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What you need to know about Bikers against Bullies

What you need to know about Bikers against Bullies

Many bikers consider it a prized possession to be a biker. The love their profession so much that they would not consider doing any other profession other than this. They simply cannot take life any other way. Many bikers also consider that the life of a biker is actually a gift. The reason they feel this way is because they understand that many people, though admire the biking experience and share similar love towards biking, cannot actually follow up with the life of a biker. They simply cannot go ahead and follow the lifestyle of a biker.  Usually, a biker who works at a bike remodeling shop gets to meet many people in the same sector and can learn a lot from each of them.

Bikers Against Bullies

These bikers consider that the group of people who are in this biking sector are the best people some have actually met. This goes for both the genders. There are many clubs even which are -dedicated to this particular community. One such is the Insane Throttle which also supports the bikers against bullies concept. This club was originally formed with the aim in mind, to bring the community closer and to help people who do not have much experience in the biking sector to get along with the biking experience and with the community. In many ways, they also support the bikers against bullies message.

When the club itself grew larger in size and started getting popular, the aim of it just being a club started to fade away and more meaningful vision started to evolve. To support the biking community as a whole and to support bikers against bullies was much more concentrated. To follow up with these ideas some strategies started to come into place. One such was the podcast idea which was supposed to concentrate on topics and issues which are straight to the point and which everyone can relate to. The follow up on this podcast idea was a success after Motorcycle Madness became a huge hit.

This also led to the growth of the biking community and raised support in the bikers against bullies concept. There are several interviews that are conducted along the same lines and many shows are aired in order to help the biking community and the newbies in the same lines. Many believe that people of this community are the best, especially the bikers are some of the best people in the country of America. Many of them even have a large history of serving in the army and in the marines. Some of them have even served during the war times. So, actual war heroes are also part of this community. This makes it a very helping community to not only for the people among them but also to the general public.

Bikers Against bullies

There are particular groups which are formed only for this purpose. There are also several programs which are conducted in schools for children organized by this community. Anti-bullying is considered as a major problem in schools and this community is trying to raise awareness regarding this.


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