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Everything about the 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Everything about the 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead


1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead EL 61inch K was manufactured by Harley. The bike is provided 46 to 48 offset forks by Harley and handlebars, 55 to 57 strong frame, original barrels and heads, S &S engine cases, 3-piece fenders and several new chrome parts, including dash, horn, primary cover, exhaust, lights, luggage rack, toolbox, and wheels. Harley Davidson Knucklehead is perhaps the most desirable types of American Classic bike that many bikers love to own it.

The 61cuin EL, ES, and E Harley Davidson models were transformed from the long-serving but low-powered side-valve, V-twin flathead engine to the higher powered and higher tech with overhead valve pushrod engines.

The new 61 E model includes a range of other innovations when it was first introduced in 1936; it was the HD’s unique engine that gave it a definite appearance and invincible nickname as the “Knucklehead.”

HD Knucklehead – ‘Clinched Fist’:

The refined rocker covers several resembled large clinched fists since it is known by the name knucklehead.  Certainly, many bikers and enthusiasts can recognize immediately when they see the knucklehead, but only a few individuals might have complete knowledge about the designation of the model and they can recollect the practical.

The EL 61 was built during the turbulent times, and the preface of any new bike model looks like it is not valuable. This is because the world was yet come out from the huge economic depression. Repression engrossed much of Europe and the war clouds were congregating in both Asia and Europe, and FDR is concerned about the situation.

As the time was passing and things getting better, the knucklehead series also obtained an ever-lasting position as a performance machine.  The position or level was supported on by record-setting performances. 

In 1947, Harley Davidson first introduced the traditional biker jacket in black. In the same year, around 4000 bikers’ attended the bike rally in Hollister, California and continued to have the best time. Events raised to a level that the local law was not able to handle the events by itself so they took help from the state patrol for support. When the event was finished, there were approximately sixty people were injured and several arrests were commenced. The media had a prime and absolutely blew things out of perception.

1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Knucklehead and the Wild One

This event also enthused the movie “The Wild One” the major role played by the star Marlon Brando, and both the movie and the media reporting of the event engrained the outlaw of the general public view towards bikers.

1947 was also the year that the Harley Davidson introduced Knucklehead to the world. The two models that were manufactured were the 61cuin EL and 74cuin FL model.

The Esolo was the base model in the series that use to give the output of around 37hp with a compression ratio of 6.5:1, and the ES model was the same, which is used in sidecar rings. The EL model came with 7.0:1 compression ratio and that superior compression returned the output of around 40hp and was called the SSS (Special Sports Solo).

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