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FTW Meaning Biker Explanation | Bobberbrothers

FTW Meaning Biker Explanation

What does FTW mean in Biker Slang ?

You might have come across this term on the internet or on various motorcycle stickers or paint jobs. For those who are wondering, we have the explanation what ftw means to everything motorcycle related.

Well, there are several meanings for the short form FTW. However, in biker slang its most often meant as

1. Forever Two Wheels


2. Fuck the World

ftw meaning biker

You can find various designs which us the shortening ftw. Most common uses are on clothing. You can find cap designs, like snapback caps and truckers with the logo. You can aswell find them on various shirts and hoodies of different brands. 

Many people also take the FTW Logo to put it on their motorcycle, for example on their gas tank. There is really no limit for your imagination!

Non Biker related meanings for FTW?

There are several other explanations for the short form of FTW, that are not directly related to the biker scene. "FTW" is an abbreviation that is mainly used in chat programs, SMS or on shirt designs.  In the english language, it is common to combine the initial letters of several words to form a new word.

1. For the Win

2. Free the Whales

3. For those wondering

More creative is the variant that it means "What the Fuck" backwards, but we suppose that this case is the most uncommon one. 

what does ftw mean ? 

So, what does FTW mean now ?

Anyone who moves a lot on the Internet and on the computer in general will regularly come across abbreviations and letter combinations that are not really familiar from your everyday life. One of these abbreviations is "ftw". In the end it is really up to you how you want to lay it out.

In which contexts can you use it?

If you translate it word for word with "For The Win" it expresses affection or sympathy for something. "FC Chelsea, ftw" - The commentator hereby expresses to the viewers that the soccer team is about to win. As we found out, the real origin of "FTW" is unknown. So there really is no "official" meaning for the shortening.
Some sources say that "FTW" was first used in the US TV show Hollywood Squares.

This is an american game show with some kind of Tic Tac Toe variation with celebrities. In the last move, when the candidate had put his three crosses or three circles in a row, the name of the celebrity who helped him to victory had to be named, followed by the statement "for the win".
It is also often written "for teh win" to be near to Leetspeak.

The different explanations may seem a bit strange. I mean, what does "for victory" really mean? If you really work hard on a presentation for work, you probably want to have a successful meeting, so you are really working real hard on that, FTW!

FTW should not be confused with WTF. WTF, also known as "Dafuq!", is called "What the Fuck" and is about the opposite of FTW. 

FTW is an Acronym - what the heck are Acronyms ?!

The spelling of acronyms usually consists of a series of capital letters. In the course of time, however, a spelling has often developed that corresponds to that of normal nouns (e.g. Radar, Laser, Aids, Nato, Unicef). Since acronyms, in contrast to abbreviations, are written without concluding dots, in such cases it is not possible to recognize by the pronunciation or the typeface that it is an artificial word. As a rule, the reader can recognize the acronym from the context of the sentence.

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