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4 best Hardknock Bobber Examples

Kikker Hardknock Bobber

While this kit was introduced during the year of 2006, it not only covered the bike builders for whom the hardknock bobber kit was initially based for but it did manage to attract a lot more communities too. The fabricators, customizers, and painters were a few other people who were interested in the kits. Apart from them, the kit was a hit amongst the people who were more than interested in building their own motorcycle. While the factory products kept getting modified and new products started to hit the market, the kit itself got updated with better versions which included the necessary types of equipment needed for the biking community.

kikker hardknock bobber

The frame got modified in order to fit the larger engines. Considering these options the hardknock bobber kit was a major success in all those areas where the building of a motorcycle on their own is considered to be legal. While the love for the hardknock bobber kit kept growing, the demand also increased which involved few needed modifications too. The first main requirement was that of a larger frame. This was in order to accommodate the 250cc engine which got larger in size just like the Virgo V-twin and the Rebel parallel twin.

kikker hardknock bobber

Apart from this, there was the second requirement in the modification which is perfectly legal. To elaborate on this only few areas allowed the building of a motorcycle on their own to be street legal. So they wanted a title along with the 100% street legal status. One other major requirement was that the fabrication is always needed for customization. So the need for more bolt-on options was increasing along with the customization which did not involve fabrication.

kikker hardknock bobber

After all these new requirements hit the market, then came the KH-III Hardknock bobber kit to suffice all the said demands. The major positive aspect of this product was that it was a street legal motorcycle which was fully built along with the DOT and the EPA approval when concerning the territory of the United States. Apart from this, there was also street legal approval, which is the EC-type approval from the European countries which included Switzerland too.

These factors made it a huge success and explain why it is still used as a platform by many builders who require numerous customizing options. The factory bolt on custom parts right from the handlebars, tanks, wheels, forks and in some cases the engine too can be customized with the given platform.

kikker hardknock bobber

The recent version which is the third generation product is unlike any other motorcycle which has hit the market. While the looks are similar to the classic bobber, there are certain unique features which are specially engineered in order to accommodate the configurations required by the multiple engines right from the 49cc one of the 250 cc v-twin. The universal wiring harness along with the removable engine mounts are easy to be customized. The power plant upgrades are so simple that it is like a child's play. When the options such as numerous bolt-on facilities and the various accessories from the factory are combined the end product is a unique motorcycle.

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