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Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary 

Harley Davidson 105th anniversary 

Harley Davidson 105th anniversary saw a number of bikers and bikes of all versions along with a steady set of beer and bands. For the Harley Davidson 105th anniversary, which was almost considered as a homecoming, saw the rally of around 125000 bikers. This event happened in the town of Milwaukee which is also famous for its beer and the bikers joined the rally in the town with the motive to have good fun.

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There was a parade arranged for the Harley Davidson 105th anniversary. To participate in the parade there were tickets which had to be purchased. This parade saw around 7500 motorcycles. The remaining ones just hoped to watch the parade and then tag along at the end and then ride away. There were these amazing street parties celebrating the Harley Davidson 105th anniversary and the best part is that these parties which happened with a lot of loud music and sound were totally free.

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One concert, which happened on the Harley Davidson 105th anniversary, was Bruce Springsteen’s concert for which the tickets got sold out early. This concert saw huge crowds participating which covered almost the entire space of the concert. The area where the concert happened itself is the size of many football fields combined. The event saw massive numbers of people wearing Harley Davidson’s apparels which not only makes big profits for the company in terms of revenue but has also helped it in getting the brand image and an American icon.

While there is no single common attire, a combination of the clothes and accessories like Ray-bans, bandana, black and blue jeans, black T-shirt below a pin-and-insignia-festooned black leather vest, one big keychain, the famous heavy boots, and the popular studded belt were all seen in common. There were a number of events happening around the same premises that the participants of the anniversary celebrations got confused as to which one to attend to.

harley davidson 105th anniversary 105 hd

For example, at the Lakefront, Three Days Grace and the Invaders were happening at around 6 pm on Friday. Around the same time were other celebrations and concerts like the ones by D.B. /Bryant, Big Head Todd, Tea Leaf Green, Gary Allan and the Monsters which were all happening in the Summerfest concert grounds. Most of these concerts were happening around the same venue or within a walking distance from each other.

A total of 70 bands were seen during the celebrations which were spun around the time frame of four days. These bands played at different venues giving the audience eardrum-numbing entertainment. While the tickets for the new Harley Davidson museum were almost sold out soon there were tickets available on the sidewalk too. The museum saw a major collection of prototypes for the various Harley models and even a number of Harley motorcycle designs.

There was this museum Milwaukee Art Museum, which is basically an architectural creation by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava which is present midway between Summerfest and the enormous concert stage at the Lakefront. This museum saw a collection of Roy Finch’s custom choppers. 


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