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12 Reasons for the Harley Davidson Livewire

12 Reasons for the Harley Davidson Livewire

12 Reasons for the Harley Davidson LivewireOne of the most anticipated bikes among the Harley Davidson community is the Harley Davidson Livewire. This bike after much expectation was expected to hit the dealerships by the year-end. The reason for the big hype for the Harley Davidson Livewire is because of the fact that it is an electric bike. But after many rumors on the date and many dates being postponed, it was later announced that the Harley Davidson Livewire will not be seen in the market until the year 2019. Considering these recent talks it is understood that the Harley Davidson Livewire is just one for the plans of the company.

Harley Davidson seems to have many such plans in its plate which will be revealed as the year progresses. This single electric bike Harley Davidson Livewire seems to be just one dish in a whole plate. All this was found out from the ‘More Roads to Harley Davidson' came. The growth plan for the company was unveiled a bit with the help of this announcement. Apart from this major move the company also shared some of the insights into the vision it has for the growth of the company in the upcoming years. This was clear with the mentioned ‘More Roads to Harley Davidson'.

Harley Davidson Livewire


The company also expects to grow its base by the year 2022 and future plans after the said year was also seen in the plate. The majority of the plan can be subdivided into three major areas. The first one is said to cover the new products which the company has in its store and also the ones which the company plans to launch. The second major area to concentrate is the broader access to the company’s products. The last one and this is one of the strongest areas for the company which is to get stronger dealers and also to concentrate on strengthening the relationship with the present dealers.

While the three categories seem to equally important many are waiting for the major news in the first category which is the Harley Davidson Livewire. Initially, the company promised that it will get its first electric bike on the market for sale by the year 2019. This bike which is still one of the most hyped bikes had its first preview in 2014 with the concept of a sub-500-pound. The bike, although had only 58 pound-feet of torque. The most interesting fact is that this was made available for the zero RPM itself. A combination of all these facts made it one of the most interesting motorcycles too.

While this may be the first one in the list it seems that Harley Davidson has many more electric bikes planned and is set to release it one by one in the future. The company has given promises which state that a whole line of EV bikes are on the plate which will also get the ‘twist and go' mentality as they might lose the traditional clutches. Some even speculate that there are two-wheelers lined up in the sense that some scooters can also be seen in the way.


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