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Harley Davidson MT500

Harley Davidson MT500

Considering the other models of Harley, the Harley Davidson MT500 is seen to be a unique and unusual motorcycle. While many debate the success of the Harey Davidson MT500 the facts were that only 500 motorcycles were finally made by the factory. Although out of this mere number the number of motorcycles which survived in the original conditions is still unknown. When talking about the mechanics of the Harley Davidson MT500 it is seen that an air cooled engine with 4 valves is present along with 5 gears. The motorcycle has a 500ccrotax single cylinder and it has only the option to, unlike other bikes.

harley davidson mt500 military

The main purpose and the main target of the Harley Davidson MT500 were for the military purpose. The motorcycle itself is simple when taken the mechanics into account. While the design was specifically made to the mentioned target segment it never did clearly take off because of the fact that the military was looking for vehicles with diesel power. This is because the diesel-powered vehicles are more suitable for logistic purposes.

harley davidson mt500 cross military

The initial design for the motorcycle Harley Davidson MT500 was set off in Italy. This was way before its development in Britain. In the latter case, the motorcycle was put into production along with the Armstrong CCM company in the year 1984. Targeted for the military segment, however, reached only a limited usage in the military sectors of Jordan, Canada, and Britain. By the year 2000, the vehicle got phased out of the market.

The brand Harley Davidson is a kind of a cult in the motorcycle industry which is also specialized to badge engineering motorcycles. When looking back into the history of motorcycles it is clear that only a few companies have not played with the rebranding of bikes. The big giants in the industry do not seem to shy away from this concept. The MT500 stateside was purchased by the company of Harley Davidson only because of the hopes of getting a military contract with the wealthy armed forces in the world. This dream, however, never became a reality and the motorcycle became a failure because of the already stated diesel vehicle demands.

harley davidson mt500 military motorcycle

The initial bikes which were built were all belonging to the same design category and specifications. The fuel tank has twin jerry can holders next to it on both the sides. These can holders are placed for the purpose of carrying either fuel or water. Since it was targeted to the military audience there was the option of a waterproof rifle case placed on the rear side of the motorcycle. This case placed on the right was designed for an M16 or similar rifle. The design of the case is in such a manner that the scoped and unscoped weapons can be placed in it.

Since the original motorcycles are small in number, the chances of these motorcycles coming in for sale are a very rare occasion. This may be because the owners of this rare model might be expecting an increase in the value as the model is getting close to vintage.

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