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7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Rapido

7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Rapido

Aermacchi established Italian manufacturing by owning and controlling interest of a wide range of middleweight and small vehicles and gave Harley-Davidson, and entry-level machines for their listings, including 125cc and 50cc two-strokes.  The M-125 Rapido became very popular because of its balance between the performance and size.  It was a street-smart model particularly designed to attract young people.

This 125cc version of the HD Rapido is an attractive lightweight two-stroke with enduring or off-road style famous among American customers. The grab rail, upswept exhaust, high-bars, and candy apple red paint attracted new customers, which they didn’t find any other stimulated 125cc Rapido.

In the year 1960’s the US manufacturers Yamaha, Honda, and other Italian and Japanese makers introduced a large range of cheap and small motorcycles. These manufacturers dropped the 165cc series, including the Ranger, Pacer, Scat, and other based on the Hummer/Post-War DKW design, HD (Harly Davidson) use to manufactures the huge line-up around 900cc, heavyweight and larger machines that are comparatively very expensive.

7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Rapido

The company thought of a rapid fix for the market share so they bought the calculating interest in Aermacchi to equal the foreign makers.  This made the company make machines with shift ranging from 50cc to 350cc available in four-stroke and two-stroke models, including those generally attributed to as HD Rapidos and Sprints, also largely successful CRTT race bikes are also in the list.

These bikes are specially made by Harley Davidson to compete with the smaller motorcycles made by Japanese makers, which became very popular in the US market.  These 125cc Rapido bikes were made by Aermacchi in Italy and they were brought to the US market by Harley Davidson to overpower the Japanese bikes that were ruling the market and to take control of the market the HD released the bikes into the market in the late1960 and early 1970s. The Americans love to buy their own products since the HD released this model, and not realizing American buying an Italian bike with American emblem on it.

The Rapido is displayed by Harley-Davidson at the National Motorcycle Museum, and this motorcycle was donated by Michael Yourtz from Denver, Colorado.  You can find a large range of four-stroke and two-stroke Aermacchi resourced Harley Davidson’s is on display at the NMC.

7 Facts About The Harley Davidson Rapido


  • Air-Cooled Single Engine
  • Piston-Port Induction Two-Stroke Model
  • 58mm x52mm Stroke and Bore
  • 6:1 Compression Ratio
  • 124cc Displacement
  • Magneto Ignition
  • Dellorto Carburetor
  • Kick-Starting
  • 11 Horsepower
  • Gear Driven Primary Model
  • Multi-plate, Wet Clutch
  • 3-speed transmission
  • Steel, Single Down Tube Frame
  • Hydraulic fore and Swingarm, Dual Shocks suspension
  • Drum Rear/Drum Front Brakes
  • 8-inches Wheelbase
  • 225pound weight
  • 55mph top speed
  • 00x19/.3.50x18 Wheels and Tires

This beautiful Italian designed single-cylinder two-stroke power motorcycle is a beauty and looks unique and younger generation loves this extraordinary vehicle that can easily fit their trend and style. Also, it is the most affordable bike that is available under your budget limit.


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