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Mikey American Chopper

OCC's Mikey – American Chopper

The reality programs ‘Orange County Choppers’ which is the American chopper paved the way for a number of motorcycle enthusiasts into celebrity mode. One amongst this category is Mikey American Chopper is formally known as Michael Joseph Teutul who participated in the mentioned show. Apart from the said show the participation was also seen by Mikey American Chopper in the senior Vs junior part of the series.

Mikey Teutul OCC American Chopper

Paul Teutul Sr. is the main person and the founder of the Orange County Choppers. The reality show celebrity Mikey American Chopper is the son of Paul Teutul Sr. who was born to his first wife Paula Teutul. Mikey is also the younger brother of Paul Teutul Jr and Daniel Teutul. While Paul Teutul Jr. was the chief fabricator on the show, Daniel Teutul was the owner and the general manager for Orange County Ironworks LLC.

While Daniel started with the Orange County Iron Works, Mikey went ahead and joined the company and started to work on it. In the later years, Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. went on with founding the company Orange County Choppers. Mikey later joined Orange County Choppers and started working there as an assistant general manager. The main duties which were allotted for Mikey were to answer the various phone calls which the store receives and to empty the trash bin. The opportunity for helping with the family members build choppers was seen very rarely. However, in the later days, Mikey went on to build his own bike.

Mikey Teutul OCC American Chopper

After a point, this family business of building motorcycles became the main theme for a reality show in the name of American Chopper. The series was highly successful and was quite popular among the motorcycle community. Mikey American Chopper was involved in the role of providing comic relief for the said show. He was also seen to participate in a number of promotional events which were conducted for the support of the company. The show’s popularity supported Mikey a great deal and also helped him to participate in the shows like Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

By the time of late December, Michael Teutul acknowledged by having an alcohol addiction problem for which he went ahead and for himself admitted to a rehabilitation center.  This information was revealed in the reality show American Chopper. By the end of the series, a lot of arguments seemed to happen between Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. This grew along with the heated arguments for which Mikey was the middleman trying to settle their growing disputes. From the statement of Paul Teutul Sr. it was evident that while many opportunities came in the way of Mikey because of OCC, he never did follow through on them.

Mikey Teutul OCC American Chopper

The heated discussion between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. led Paul Jr. to quit the company and start his own in the name of Paul Jr. Designs.  Mikey later joined his brother’s new venture.

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