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All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Gloves With Palm Sliders

All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Gloves With Palm Sliders

Every Individual knows that the helmet is one of the important gears to wear when driving a motorcycle. But, many motorcycle riders opt for the second most important safety gear that is nothing but motorcycle gloves (How to measure the right size). Why it is important? Because, you put hands down when there is a fall in an accident, and if you break your Scaphoid, then you may lose the ability to use your thumb. In general, fractures can take between six and twelve weeks to heal with casting. But, some fractures can take more than six months to heal. Knox SPM Palm Sliders prevents breaking or scraping your hand during fall in an accident, and also avoid fracturing the Scaphoid.

As a matter of fact, protecting scaphoid with motorcycle glove is a very serious subject.  The small ligaments and bones in the wrists and hands can be easily torn and fractured when you fall from the motorcycle, and it takes a longer time to recover.  For motorcycle riders, the wrists are weak, particularly the scaphoid bone is extremely delicate. It is a small wrist bone and it can easily get injured. That is why it is important to use motorcycle gloves to lessen the impact on scaphoid bone.

All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Gloves With Palm Sliders

Palm Sliders Protects the Scaphoid For Motorcycle Riders:

Earlier, manufacturers use to put plastic sliders on the palms of the gloves just like the knee slider pucks. These plastic sliders worked to some extent and prevented fractures of the scaphoid bone or any other wrist bones in a motorcycle accident.  A British company called Knox is popular in making body armor, came along with an idea of placing two palm sliders on each side of the lower palm and they called it as an SPS (Scaphoid Protection System).  Later on, the manufacturers added extra shielding to the palm slider and the Scorpion SGS MKII gloves are considered as the most effective at avoiding road rash.

Even if the glove is made of thick leather, if it does not have a palm slider, then it is of no use. The leather glove can easily slide off from the thumb if it does not have palm sliders on the lower palms.  Also, the leather gloves do not slide as quickly as the plastic/TPU/carbon-fiber material normally used as palm sliders.  Therefore, motorcycle gloves with no palm sliders and have the leather at the lower palms, then there is a lot of risk for riders during the fall as they can easily break their scaphoid bone. 

All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Gloves With Palm Sliders

Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) works by including two sliders to the palm of the glove, and one slider covers the general part of the palm and over the scaphoid and the second slider perform as a bridge and stops the twist and grab effect.

The Knox SPS protects the hand from hyperextension and compression fractures, which can happen during the grab effect when a leather palm clasps the road surface and further moment carries the body of the riders over the hand.

The fundamental principle is that the Scaphoid Protection System allows the extended hand to slide at the same speed and stay in front of the motorcycle rider’s body.


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