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MY17 Bonneville Bobber

MY17 Bonneville Bobber

The beauty of the my17 bonneville bobber cannot be matched with anything else. Understanding the necessary styling techniques which make the product stand out, this category also does justice to the muscular frame that one required perfect fitting with. Apart from the styling features, the products are also well with the usage and give the high-end technical features for the authentic Bobber.

My17 Bonneville Bobber

When the bonneville T120 is uncovered in the basic form, it makes sure that all the required authentic deliverables related to the genuine bobber are present. The my17 bonneville bobber comes with the unique and stunning features which include but are not limited to the sculpted tank, wheels with the wire spokes, the essential bodywork with nominal headlight, broad, flat bars, a single seat, brad rear wheel accompanying a low posture with neat lines along the body. The combination of these features with the sharp tail look gives the ultimate advantage for the motorcycle.

My17 Bonneville Bobber

The chassis of the bike is exclusive, unlike the other motorcycles that are available in the market. This is because the my17 bonneville bobber has the perfect frame which gives the confident attitude for the ride. Apart from this is the proper suspension, the one of a kind chassis and the obviously powerful yet smooth ride. The seat is so smooth and alters according to the need of the rider. The engineering and technology behind it are so, that it can be adjusted with the clock position which can be modified according to the rider's comfort and even according to the riding style. The hardtail has this astounding set up called the swing cage which combines with the suspension specially designed for mono-shock which makes the bobber not only powerful but also an endearing one to try one.

Triumph My17 Bonneville Bobber

The body itself is very smooth and neat. This is because the design is such that all the necessary electronic parts are wired in but placed in such a way these parts are not visible on the outside. The looks of the my17 bonneville bobber are outstanding with the supportive ‘hidden cat box’ exhaust run, which adds up to the signature Bonnie straight line. Along with this, comes the technology, which complements the rider and the riding style which is integrated neatly without hindering the looks.

The engine is the heart of the motorcycle. Understanding this concept, the bobber has been set up with a high torque bonneville 1200cc engine which also comes with a separate bobber tune which is specifically designed for it. This gives the extra power needed for the motorcycle in the form of higher torque along with power low down. Combining this comes the one of a kind airbox and filters along with the perfectly styled silencers making the rider indulge in the original bonneville hot rod resonance.

My17 Bonneville

But the mentioned features are just the tip of the iceberg here. Apart from the stunning one named here, there are around 150 more extra accessories which are accessible in the market. By combining these accessories and making it a custom made will only further enhance the look and will give the signature look, everyone wishes for.

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