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5 Facts About The OCC Chopper Bicycle: The Schwinn Sting-Ray

5 Facts About The OCC Chopper Bicycle: The Schwinn Sting-Ray

OCC's Chopper Bicycle is known as Schwinn Sting-Ray that has been with Americans for over 25 years. Now the same old bike took a rebirth that has been built totally for a new generation. From the introductory model to the well-known Krate collection, the actual Schwinn Sting-Ray straight away infused a cool sensation on its providential owner. The Schwinn sting-ray is part American icon and part hot-rod that made a sensation among the cycling perfectionists, but it was the most popular ride in town for the 60’s and 70’s generation kids.

The original Schwinn Sting-Ray was first introduced in 1963, since then it changed the world of bikes completely. in just five years of its introduction, the design of the bike dominated the sales. In 1968, the company sold 70 percent of bikes in America.

5 Facts About The OCC Chopper Bicycle: The Schwinn Sting-Ray

Like any other popular invention ideas, the original Schwinn Sting-Ray was innate from the streets. However, in the early 60’s, it was the time when people are more interested in motorbikes and muscle cars, and these vehicles were at rage.            The West Coast kids started the trend b building their own bike wheels using the used bike frames recycled with modified parts. These kids were more interested to use dragster additions like low-rider banana seats and ‘Ape Hanger’ handlebars.

In the year 1962, Al Fritz and young Schwinn engineer found a twist of this growing trend, and with his friend’s advice, he started to California to check these tricked-out crazy bikes for himself. Motivated by what he saw, he commenced creating a bike that allows the riders to customize and allows the kids to ploy their wheels like older kids use to modifying their choppers and hot rods. Al Fritz gave the name to his new bike the Sting-Ray after checking out a few names, he chose to name his bike after the winged sea creature Sting-Ray.

 The first J-38, the first Schwinn Sting-Ray went on sale in 1963, but the response was neither good nor bad this is because the adults were not convinced with the design as they thought it was ugly or weird. But, the kids were very much impressed and they were excited about new customized creations. Schwinn sold 40,000 Sting-Rays for 49.95 dollars in 1963 alone. The company might have sold more if they have more manufactured more 20-inch tires as they run out of the tires.

5 Facts About The OCC Chopper Bicycle: The Schwinn Sting-Ray

The Schwinn Sting-Ray ruled the alleys and streets of America for more than a decade. The company introduced new styles and colors every year. In the year 1964, the company released first girl’s Sting-Ray, the popular Fair Lady model.  The Fair Lady is an instant hit with its signature floral basket and pastel paint, and the popular series Seinfeld paid respect to Fair Lady in an episode after three decades later.               

The most popular model of Sting-Ray is the Krate. The bike is distinguished by its hot rod colors, fat rear tire, small 16inch front wheel, Springer front end, and Stick-Shift, the and the company created the Krate series the most famous model of String-Ray and is the most tricked-out model ever created.


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