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Vinnie American Chopper

OCC's Vinnie DiMartino – American Chopper 

An American motorcycle builder named as Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Di Martino is famous for his work which was during the period of 2002 to 2007. This was in the region of Orange County Choppers which was the main premises of the American TV show called American Chopper. After working on the show, Vinnie American chopper left it and started with his own shop V-Force Customs for which he is the founder too. The shop is basically a custom motorcycle shop which is located out of Rock Tavern in New York.

Vinnie DiMartino OCC American Chopper

After a few months, an earlier colleague of Vinnie from the Orange County Choppers left his prior job and came along to support DI Martino in his new venture. In the year 2010, it was seen that Vinnie came back to the show but did not prefer to go back and join his previous employer. Instead of that he went along and joined Paul Jr. Designs.

Born in the year of 1972, Vinnie is the second child to his parents and he himself has three girls along with a boy. His birthplace was Hudson Valley in New York. The interest in motorcycle started to grow from the age of nine itself. This was after Vinnie decided to take a peek into his father's auto repair shop.  The growing interest made him an actual gearhead and by the age of 14, this led him to start working at a small engine repair shop.

Vinnie DiMartino OCC American Chopper

The love of motorcycles did not stop there. As he went on to rebuild motorcycles in a few years. This even led him to rebuild a few cars in the same tenure and much likely any other automobile which he gets in his hand.  This experience led him to join Orange County Choppers by the year 2002. This was practically owned by his friend's father from high school. While DiMartino was working there he was unaware of the fact that a pilot episode for the show was taken way before him joining the place. A month into the new job he came to understand that the Discovery Channel has taken interest in his workplace and is planning on changing it for the reality show American Chopper. His part with the Orange County Choppers continued and led Vinnie American chopper to work there for a period of five years.

While many speculations were heard on Vinnie American chopper leaving the Orange County Choppers the reasonable explanation cited by him was that the growth period for him at the said place has come to exhaustion. He then took the decision to move out and start with his own shop which was his interest from the beginning.

Vinnie DiMartino OCC American Chopper

In the show, Vinnie American chopper got almost four minutes for himself when his departure was about to happen. After the exit, Vinnie went on with the new project and his own V-Force 1. The shop became a big hit which led on to the start of a custom chopper for the Tampa Bay Storm Arena League Football team.


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