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Orange County Choppers (American Chopper) Cody Connelly - What is he doing now?

Orange County Choppers (American Chopper) Cody Connelly - What is he doing now?

There was this famous show in the field of riders and passionate lovers of motorcycles. This show was basically a reality show shown in the name of American Chopper. Everyone in the biker community will be aware of the show. That shows the success rate of it. While the said show sadly had to come to an end, causing disappointment in the rider community the Discovery Channel recently came up with a revived episode of the famous American Chopper. This show basically helped in bringing out the whole new sector of altering motorcycles.


Apart from this the show also helped in building the reality genre in itself. This is because the show closely followed family members who were part of this business of customizing and building motorcycles. This was built within a defined space and it kind of seemed unique considering the automotive community. Many people assume that this show led to the start of other shows like the Street Outlaws.

Orange County Choppers (American Chopper) Cody Connelly - What is he doing now?

While many formations were made because of the show it is safe to say that many people also became famous due to the said show. One such person is Cody American Chopper. Cody American Chopper is believed to be one of the most moved members of the show. Cody American Chopper is basically a fabricator who is very skilled and is also a craftsman. Cody American Chopper helped with Paul Sr. and also Paulie Teutul’s Orange County Choppers in many ways. The shop becoming as one of the most reached and sought out for the building of custom choppers and motorcycles in the whole world is because of the effort of the team including Cody American Chopper.

There was even one person build which is done by him and is named after him as The Cody Project. This was even built and designed long before the show started and went on air. This project was sold at the Daytona Bike Week while the show’s first season was going on. There was a time when Vinnie who was part of the show left it and went ahead with his own venture. When such a time came Cody also accompanied him. He remained with the new company for many years and helped in building the company to a standard level. He also remained on the board of the company. This stayed on until Vinnie decided to take the company in a whole new direction.

Orange County Choppers (American Chopper) Cody Connelly - What is he doing now?

After a while, Connie decided to come back to the show. This was when Cody became an employee of a Paul Jr’s custom shop and he did not prefer going to Orange County Choppers. This joining was seemed to run only for a short period of time. After this Cody decided to move away from the world of bike building. He then decided to join the world of utility companies and still continues to work there. He also runs a small time garage on his own. Cody does some small custom work on the side in his garage. However, it seems that he does not do this full time.



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