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The 4 Best Harley Davidson Stereo Systems

The 4 Best Harley Davidson Stereo Systems

Harley Davidson has released the best Audio Stage II audio for a motorcycle that comes with an audio set of speakers to enjoy your ride.

Most people may not like the motorcycle audio system as they could hear the audio clearly because of the wind noise that generally defeats the audio of motorcycle and they may hear the unclear sound from the weak speaker systems. To make all these people wrong, Harley Davidson came up with this new idea of Boom-box audio and they did find a way to overcome the wind issue by testing and performing Project Rushmore Touring range that changed many individual perspectives about motorcycle audio system.

The 4 Best Harley Davidson Stereo Systems

Harley Davidson Stereo system is the best and it does not have the buffeting on the touring motorcycles.  Now, the company has improved the Boom system that comes with the Stage II speakers. These three-way speakers are durable and come with high-excursion woofers that enhance the bass response greatly.

Bass is the main thing muffled by the acoustical noise of engine and wind. If the stereo system refurbishes that bass, then the rider can have an amazing experience.

The Boom is designed to perform flawlessly with factory installed Boom in Touring models with an audio unit with the 300watt amplifier.  

However, the fact is, good sound is not all about power, but it is also about the quality of the audio speakers and inadequacy of distortion. You can make any system sound loud, but if it is not clear, then it is not worth spending money. That is why when you are buying motorcycle audio, you have to make sure that it has no distortion. The Boom Audio Stage II speakers have only one percent distortion that means this speaker system is not just loud, but also very clean and clear.

The 4 Best Harley Davidson Stereo Systems

Also, you can make it louder with the possible eight-speaker system with four different amps propelling out a total of 1200watts.  This new audio system is one of the new systems in the HD Big Book of GMP&A (Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories).

Ape hangers - Motorcycle audio: Some individuals also call it bible and it integrates products for all Harley Davidson models with amazing function, Garage, and Performance.

 The extended line-up of benefits also includes Café Solo Seat for 471 dollars, Clubman Handlebar for 257 dollars, Rider Backrest Organizer storage system for 142 dollars, Road Glide 15inch FAT Ape 1.25inch thick handlebar with inner wiring in satin black or chrome for 373 dollars and VW (Vintage White) collection of foot and hand controls.

The 4 Best Harley Davidson Stereo Systems

For Touring bikes getting the right sound out from your bike is the only thing needed is that having the right setup. Riding the bike on the highway at 80mph traveling against the wind and hearing the clear sounds from your motorcycle audio system is not possible unless you have Harley Davidson Stereo system.  No biker wants to listen to a white snake that is why Harley Davidson comes up with a new idea by creating these new speakers by upgrading its head units, speakers, and subwoofers.


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