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The Different Kawasaki Vulcan Bobber Series

The Different Kawasaki Vulcan Bobber Series

The name Vulcan was used by Kawasaki for its cruiser or custom bikes since 1984 model tern VN. The model is made of V-Twin engines ranging from 125cc to 2,053cc, which is 7.6cuin to 125.3cuin.

The 4 Different Kawasaki Vulcan Bobber Series

1984–2006: Vulcan 750 series - Kawasaki Vulcan 750:

In the year 1985, Kawasaki introduced Vulcan VN700A to the entire world, it is its first cruiser powered by its first V-Twin engine.    This model comes with a shaft drive and the company manufactured the rare VZ 750 option with chromed wheel curve and other slight differences.  To evade US taxes on Japanese bikes over 700cc, the first American model was restricted to 699cc, but in the year 1986 m the taxes were removed and the engine capacity was increased to 79cc. The Vulcan remained as it is but just got a different paint system, the entire 22-year production time with just small changes to apparatus.

The 4 Different Kawasaki Vulcan Bobber Series

1986–2004: Kawasaki Vulcan 400 series:

In the year 1986 Kawasaki launched the Vulcan 400 series, it is an entry level bike in the first series.  The Vulcan 400 provided with a 398cc liquid-cooled twin-engine and was built with a six-speed transmission and belt driven. The Vulcan 400 series 2 provided with five-speed and chain drive transmission to decrease price and it was made in both Drifter and Classic variations.

The 4 Different Kawasaki Vulcan Bobber Series

1990–2009: Kawasaki Vulcan 500 series:

The Kawasaki introduced Vulcan 500 in the year 1990 and it was the replacement to the Kawasaki 5 LTD. The Vulcan N500A provided with a 498cc parallel twin-engine that is very identical to the Ninja 500R model of Kawasaki. It has provided with belt final drive and six-speed transmission. However, this EN500A series was discontinued after it is replaced with the Vulcan 500 LTD or EN500C in 1996. Both the vehicle models are accessible as 1996 models.  The EN500C model functional design changed and also they changed the engine tuning.   Lower compression pistons and new camshaft profile moved the power band down to improve low-end torque. Also, the company made changes to carburetors, they reduced from 34mm to 32mm, and they replaced the belt final drive with a chain. In 2009 the Vulcan 500 LTD was discontinued after manufacturing around 20years continuously.

The Different Kawasaki Vulcan Bobber Series

2015-present:  Kawasaki Vulcan 650 S Series:

The EN 650AF/BF or Vulcan 650 series is considered as a Sports bike.  This model was introduced in the year 2015 designed with an Ego-Fit system for better comfort and adjustability so that different size of riders can cruise comfortably. Also, the company gave a choice of three seats, three-footpeg positions, and three handlebars so that the biker can choose what they want before purchasing.  The Vulcan 650 series comes with a 649cc parallel twin-engine from the Ninja 650. The company removed the heavier flywheel and remodeled and provided Vulcan S with a mid-range and more low torque. The bike looks very nontraditional with an exclusive suspension layout and frame.  The Vulcan 650 S/ABS comes with a 69cc parallel twin-engine, liquid cooled, fuel injected 38mmx2 along with sub-throttles, 10.8:1 compression ratio, DOHC 8 valve and a four-stroke engine. 


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