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History Of The Outlaws Biker Gang

History Of The Outlaws Biker Gang

The Outlaws Biker Gang or Motorcycle Club included as the AOA (American Outlaws Association) that was formed in 1935 in McCook, Illinois.  Outlaw membership is limited to men who own a specific size of American-made motorcycles. Their main competitors are the Hells Angels, giving augment to the expression used by Outlaws members, ADIOS, which means goodbye in Spanish, but here it means “Angels Die in Outlaw States.”

In 1935, The McCook OMC (Outlaws Motorcycle Club) was founded on old Route66 at Matilda’s Bar in McCook, Illinois, the outer surface of Chicago.  However, in 1946 the club stayed in concert during WWII (World War II) like several other organizations, the activities of the club was limited.  During that period the first motorcycle event took place in the Midwest at Soldier Field, in Chicago.

In 1950, the original charter members strength grew in size, and more members are added from all over Chicago State. In that year, the members of the club decided to change the club name from the McCook Outlaws Club to the Chicago Outlaws and left McCook and established in Chicago. The members also decided to change the Club logo as well.

History Of The Outlaws Biker Gang

In place of the winged motorcycle, they added a small skull and old-style English letters were included. This design was hand painted on leather jackets and stitched on a black shirt. In the year 1954, they added crossed pistons on the small skull, and it was stitched on black with white western style piping.  The members of the club redesigned the skull and crossed pistons in the year 1959 and made them much bigger with extra detail.

In the year 1960 The American Motorcycle Association (AMA) that manages all official races in the United States, excluded the word Outlaws from all race clothing. Till 1963, all racing club members wore the clothes with sign OMC.  In the same year, the Outlaws became a certified member of the one-percenter BOC (Brotherhood of Clubs), which became the first true one-percenter Club in the East of the Mississippi. The American Outlaws Association was started on January 1st, 1965. The backpatch of the OMC club, crossed pistons and skull, is named ‘Charlie.’

In the year 1977 the first chapter established in Canada, other than the USA, and in 1978, for the first time member from other chapter became National President. France became the first European Chapter in the year 1993. The Chicago chapter divided into three groups in 1995 as it is growing big and they divided it into Southside mother chapter, Westside mother chapter, and Northside mother chapter. Also, in that year Norway became the Second European Chapter.

History Of The Outlaws Biker Gang

In 2001, many countries in Europe, including Jersey and Ireland started new chapters.  In Germany GR (Ghost Riders) MC also joined the AOA.  Also, the first Asian Chapter in Thailand and in Sweden, the second Scandinavian chapter started in 2001.

In the United States, the OMC (Outlaws Motorcycle Club) represented in nineteen states. In 2003, the French ‘MC Drome’ join the AOA.  In 2015, the OMC celebrated its 50th anniversary as the AOA  and 80th Anniversary globally as a Motorcycle club.



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