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All Infos About The Vagos MC

All Infos About The Vagos Biker Gang

The Vagos Biker Gang or motorcycle club is also famously known as the Green Nation. This one percenter club was formed in 1965 in San Bernardino, CA. The motorcycle club emblem is Loki, the mischief Norse God riding a motorbike. All club members wear green color clothes.

The Vagos club contains around 4,000 members among two-hundred chapters located in States of Hawaii, California, Arizona, Illinois, Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Missouri, and Oregon. Also, you can find various Canadian chapters including Ontario, Peterborough, and chapters in Europe as well as in Mexico The club was started in the late 1960s during that period there were two-hundred members were in Inland Empire, California.  In the year 2013, the Vagos Gang expanded to Australia and Sweden.

All Infos About The Vagos Biker Gang

In the year 1965, the United States was in the middle of the Vietnam Battle, Martin Luther King has marched from Selma to Montgomery recently and the King of the Road by Roger Miller is chosen. Thirteen crazy bikers gathered on the Eighth and Davidson corner in San Bernardino, California to start the Vagos Motorcycle Club, commencing a history that would integrate fight with the police and a vicious opposition with the Hells Angels.

The elected presided for the new club was Rudy Esparza who is also known by his nickname Puro. He used to take care of the new club, and also in selecting the name of the club.  The members of the club also suggested some other names including Satan’s Saints MC and Coffin Dodgers MC, but Vagos Motorcycle Club, which is a Spanish word for vagabond was selected. Their latest patch, a red devil on a green background was stimulated by a picture of a devil in LIFE magazine named ‘Return from hell.’

All Infos About The Vagos Biker Gang

More OMGs (Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs) were founded in the year 1960 that more compared to any other decade. The veto status is provided to groups who didn’t get sanction by the AMA (American Motorcyclists Association).  These motorcyclists also knew as one percenter, it is an idiom originated after the HB (Hollister Biker) riot when the American Motorcyclists Association supposedly claimed the 99 percent of bikers were law enduring citizens, however, the MA does not have to announce as a public or official statement.

Bikers would frequently move between clubs or discover their club being engrossed into a bigger club. Puro club was earlier been with the Psychos Motorcycle Club and other clubs including El Diablo MC joined the PMC. But, when it comes to Vagos, would it get absorbed or absorb was swiftly answered as more chapters spreading across California. In the 201, the FBI listed the Vagos MC as one of the biggest Outlaw Bikers Group in Western America where you can find six-hundred members in twenty-four Chapters all over America, and also Chapters in Mexico, Canada, and Europe.

All Infos About The Vagos Biker Gang

The Mafia on wheels:

Vagos spy Charles Falco describes it as a ‘the mafia on wheels’ and the Vagos contain more than their one-percenter patch. Also, drug-related arrests have been made all through their history. In the year 1987, the President of the DHS(Desert Hot Springs) chapter and the head of the SB (South Bay) Chapter and other three chapters all pleaded guilty to plat to hand out methamphetamines.

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