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All About The Warlocks Biker Gang

All About The Warlocks Biker Gang

The Warlock biker club was founded in Florida in 1967 by the United States ex-naval servicemen who use to serve on the aircraft USS Shangri-La carrier. The Warlocks motorcycle gang is a one-percenter motorcycle club that has different chapters in Canada, the US, Germany, and the UK. The club was founded by Tom Grub Freeland; he is an ex-US navy serviceman in Orlando, Florida, in 1967.

The Warlocks have 11-chapters in Florida, five in Virginia, seven in South Carolina, 2 in Ohio, 4 in West Virginia, 1 in NY, 3 in Canada, 2 in Germany, 3 in England. Also, there is a range of Nomads who work and live in the United States that do not have Warlocks Chapters.

The emblem is a glowing Phoenix from top to bottom rocker, the colors are yellow, crimson red, and black. Its mottos include “Warlocks forever, forever Warlocks” and “Our Business is none of your fucking business.”

All About The Warlocks Biker Gang

Warlocks’ MC History:

Warlocks Motorcycle Club is one percenter that has chapters in the East Coast of the United States, and also in several international countries.  The Mother Chapter is located in Lockhart, Orlando, and the club started with 13 men in 1967 on an eight-month tour on the USS Shangri-La Aircraft Carrier. All these thirteen men love to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles and when they on board, all these men decided to start a biker club.  They decided to name the club “Warlock Motorcycle Club,” and they decided to design the logo of Phoenix/Wax Bird. Also, they planned to start their own chapter after leaving the ship, however, only one person started the chapter. The person who started the chapter was Tommy “Grub” Freeland and now everybody knows him as the founder of Warlocks.  Grub started the Chapter in Lockhart, Orlando and it is now considered as the Warlock Mother Chapter.

The Pennsylvania based Warlocks biker Club chapters believed to be stolen from them the actual founder when a few members of the Warlocks belongs to Florida visited Philadelphia Navy Yards in the late 1960s. However, there is no process to prove it exactly how the name was decided.

All About The Warlocks Biker Gang

Warlocks USA Chapters:

- Warlock Florida Chapters

- Warlocks South Carolina Chapters

- Warlocks Virginia Chapters

- Warlocks West Virginia Chapters

- Warlocks New York Chapters

- Warlocks Ohio Chapters’

- Warlocks Minnesota Chapters

- Warlocks George Chapters


Warlocks Germany Chapters:

- Warlocks Allgau Chapter

- Warlocks Mountain Valley Chapter


Warlocks England Chapters:

- Warlocks Lincolnshire Chapter

- Warlocks Lincoln Chapter

- Warlocks Scunthorpe Chapter


Warlocks Canda chapters:

- Warlocks Edmonton Chapter

- Warlock Fort Mc Murry Chapter

- Warlock Drayton Valley Chapter

Special Warlocks Chapters:

- Warlocks Nomad Chapter

- Warlock Freebird Chapter

Warlocks Motto/ MC Patch / Colors:

The Pheonix Warlocks Motorcycle Club patch also branded as a Warbird. The colors of the Warlocks are orange, red, and gold. The club uses the WFFW abbreviation for “Warlocks Forever, Forever Warlocks.” This kind of abbreviation is standard among outlaw motorcycle clubs.

They also use another Warlock biker gang motto that is “To find us, you must be good, to catch us, you must be fast, and to beat us, you must be kidding.”

All About The Warlocks Biker Gang


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