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Harley Davidson 103 Horsepower Ratings

Harley Davidson 103 Horsepower Ratings

Harley Davidson tends not to publish the horse power ratings for the different models.

However there are other sources, from where we found the ratings for the 103 cubic inch engines:

Stock Horsepower Ratings:

The stock Horsepower rating is around 64 peak horsepower.
This was measured at around 5000 RPM. On the lower RPMs, where you will usually ride, it has around 45-55 Horse Power.


Horsepower Ratings with Stage 1 Kit:

With a Stage 1 Kit, you can get ca. 75 horsepower and 90 ft torque from the 103 engine.

In comparison the stock Evo Engine with 80 cubic inch had around 55 horse power, same for the TC 88 engine.

The larger differences tend to be in the torque, where the TC96 Engine has about 78 ft pounds, and the 103 cubic inch engine has 81 ft pounds.

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