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Harley Davidson 96 cubic inch Engine Problems

Harley Davidson 96 cubic inch Engine Problems

There is not much you will find that is as complex as an motorcycle engine, where there have not been any issues at all.

But the Harley Davidson 96 cubic inch engine is one of the most reliable motors ever built.

Some of the most common known problems for the 96 cubic inch engine are:

  • Burns gas while riding
  • Comes between you and your wife
  • Keeping it in your garage
  • When you don't have one
  • Finding more time to ride
  • Wiping the smile off your face after riding


But all fun aside, there are no real problems for the 96 engine. And if there is a problem with yours, Harley Davidson takes their warranty very seriously to take care of it. You don't need to worry about it and you can enjoy it freely. If you think there is a problem with your engine because of some noises, please be aware that some minor noises are totally normal for harley davidson engines. It's their characteristic.

So far we have not heard of any significant issues, and most of the owners seem not to have any problems. They normally rund a little bit hotter, but that "problem" is easily fixed.

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