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Thanks to our partnership with an embroidery company that works with the highest standards we can offer you patches that will serve you really long.

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Embroidered patch with a heat-sealed backing for iron-on application.
Please do not attempt to iron on patches to any leather surface. When applied to leather vests, jackets and chaps, this patch must be sewn on for guaranteed application and to preserve the condition of your leather.
Size: 27cm x 25cm (11 inches x 10 inches)
Color: Large black patch with white / red embroidery

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Large Biker Back Patch

Riders keep looking for accessories to complement their look. This case holds true for all kinds of riders. The reason is that while motorcycles can vary depending on the make and model the look of it will also have to suit accordingly. Now, this look should also complement the biker's look. Or if we put it the other way, the biker's look should complement the motorcycle and should be a suitable match. This can be attained by choosing the perfect set of accessories. While some of it can be purchased directly there are other options available too.
One such option is to go for custom-made accessories. This will enhance the biker‘s look on a personal level. Each rider will like to make his or her own statement through their accessories and dressing along with the motorcycle. The right set of accessories will help with that. In this case, a large biker back patch will be a suitable option considering the various accessories made available to the riders keeping the present trend in mind.

This large biker back patch is an embroidered one which also comes with a heat sealed backing. The large biker back patch which comes with this kind of a backing is specifically to solve the purpose of an iron-on application. The size of the large biker back patch is approximately a little less than 11 inches on one side and a little less than 10 inches on the other. The other added advantage is that customers who make a purchase of this large biker back patch will get to have it delivered in a special packaging which comes in the shop’s premium black box.

While there are a lot of customizing options in place it is important to note that the attempt of the iron the patches of any kind of leather surface should be strictly avoided. This will hinder the right placing and the quality of the vest. If the rider chooses to wear the large biker back patch along with leather vests or even in the case of jackets and caps it is important to sew it properly. The patch should be sewn in the right way in order to guarantee application and also to preserve both the patch and the vest on the right condition.
While making this purchase the customer gets the benefit which is given by the shop to encourage customers who make a purchase of above $80. The offer is that beyond the said limit, there are no shipping charges levied on the customer. This is applicable for customers from all parts of the world. The biker patches will right communicate a story. The right patch with the right accessory will tell the story in the way it should be told.

This can be achieved by just choosing a handful of words which can be either jokes or some quotes. These statements can bring in emotions like a smile or add a few laughs or even get a few glances from people on the road.
Where and how are biker back patches applied?
Of course there is no special place for biker back patches. They can be attached anywhere where the underlying fabric is large enough: jackets, sweaters, shirts, blankets, ...

Typical for biker back patches is of course the back, e.g. a jacket or frock, there is usually enough space. For the attachment of large patches there is a clear recommendation: one should sew on (not iron on or stick).

Large patches on leather - they last longer if sewn on

Big patches are often attached by bikers to the backs of leather jackets. It is best to sew patches on such leather jackets. The reason: the ironing surfaces that can be attached to patches are covered with textile glue. This textile adhesive is suitable for leather but is not really good (it cannot penetrate into the material like the fabric and the durability is therefore worse).
The alternative leather adhesive would work on the leather jacket, but it is not really suitable for fabric patches. In short: Always sew (let sew) patches on leather jackets.

But sewing on leather is not easy either. The best thing is to have biker back patches sewn onto the leather jacket by a proper tailor. They should already have experience with leather sewing so that your valuable jacket will not be damaged.

Another advantage of going to a tailor is that the patch will sit straight, will not get wrinkles (which can easily happen with very large patches) and will last for a long time.


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