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Harley Davidson Ironhead Chopper

 Harley Davidson Ironhead Chopper

Harley Davidson has become a common name in the world of bike enthusiasts. Of course, the leader of the motorcycle world was successful in producing a number of super hit models to make its stand. Each and every model of Harley is unique on its own. The motorcycles contain Harley's signature looks and capture the attention of the audience anywhere in the road. One such model is the IronHead Chopper which managed to gain a lot of attraction among Harley followers. This particular model of IronHead Chopper is a favorite for many of Harley lovers.

Harley davidson Ironhead Chopper

The rider community considers the IronHead Chopper to be a survivor. When it was released in the year 1957 it was aimed to replace the K model which was only short lived. This seemed as the entry of Harley into the entry-level space with mid-size Twin. The motor of this motorcycle seemed to outlast that of Panhead. This happened over the years of 1983 and 1984 where the buyouts seemed to have happened. During this time the models Shovelhead and Panhead were finally made to rest. This decision was made in order to support Evolution and the Evolution Sportster motors. This finally made to the IronHead Chopper which lasted for almost two whole decades.

Harley davidson Ironhead Chopper

As a result, during the same period, the roads witnessed a number of IronHead Choppers. This was because the bikes were of good performance and were under a decent budget and also the production was on a mass scale. Considering the departure of this bike, it is only an honor to look back and see some of the handsome IronHead which were made during this era. One seems to be the Tranquility Reassessed by Sportster. This one was by one Mr. Johnson’s Swingin’ Sporty. This particular bike was made around the period of 1972 where a 1967 XLH was made which was even ahead of its time. Considering these customizations were made even before the trend was set was a surprising fact.

Harley davidson Ironhead Chopper

There was another one, Exclusive Born Free 7 Invited Builders – Bobby Middleton by King Kustoms. This one seemed to have a 1963 IronHead bottom end, which was crossed with a Shovelhead top end. This model had a purely custom sheet metal and an old IronHead rear wheel. Along with this, there was a skinny spool front wheel with the inclusion of Chicago digger. Following this was a `77 Perewitz IronHead which went from saving a digger from the bobber treatment.

Another addition to this is the `76 Harley XL or Passing Gas which was by Andy’s GasBox-Built Sportster. This particular model, when spotted, was seen to be under a pile of dust. Though the bikes were initially famous for its take on Japanese motorcycles, it soon got listed as a feminine bike or in the beginners' category by the motorcycle enthusiasts who were in the most famous Big Twin. After that this bike made into the favorite list of motorcycles for customization. Further, the bike has witnessed a number of custom fabrications.

Harley davidson Ironhead Chopper

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